Tom Ballard “Enough” on Paramount+

Tom Ballard “Enough” on Paramount+

As part of Paramount+ new comedy line up consisting of four iconic Aussie comedians, out and proud comedian Tom Ballard gives us his “enough” stand up special – and it’s a real hoot!

From covid, to gay saunas, to Aussie politics and more – Tom has had us laughing so hard that our lockdown bellies are turning into abs!

The show was filmed in Melbourne and is a really poignant look at all the issues we are currently dealing with. I loved the references to gay relationships age gaps, using Xena warrior princess as a guide to suitability.

The lines come thick and fast and they are all incredible.

As a gay man on TV, Tom has hosted comedy shows on the ABC, and has always been proud of his sexuality, his own take on politics and social issues.

This special delivers all this and more and its bound to make waves across the world. The only possible issue here is that some of the local references may have fallen on deaf ears to a global audiences, but in this fast paced special, Tom entertains and educates the audience to what he is riffing on. No one will be lost on the humour or the ridiculousness he points out along the way. So international audiences – tune in and give yourself the best intro to great Aussie comedy.

It’s a definite much watch for anyone wanting a solid belly laugh, and I am onto my third watch on repeat as I was desperately trying to take notes of all the must quote lines from the set. (task failed as I keep on finding more and more to quote, but my pen ran out of ink!)

However, my advice is just sit back and laugh your ass off with this incredibly smart, talented and overly woke (in the best way) comedian!

Tom Ballard’s “Enough” is now available on Paramount+.

(If you haven’t subscribed, there is a free weeks trial, and worth giving it a go just to see this special)

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