Mardi Gras announces 2022 Parade entrants from across our community.

Mardi Gras announces 2022 Parade entrants from across our community.

In 2022, the Parade returns to the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday 5 March, where 40,000 spectators will cheer on as 5,800 marchers across 161 parade entries take to the field in a dazzling display of colour, community and love.

The 2022 Mardi Gras theme is UNITED WE SHINE, signifying that LGBTQIA+ communities shine brighter together and by standing up against hate and inequality as a collective, the message of love and inclusion is heard louder. This year’s Parade entries have incorporated the theme into their final concepts that cover a range of issues important to the LGBTQIA+ community including trans rights, climate change, celebrating diversity and self-expression.

Check out some highlight entries in this year’s Parade:

Dykes On Bikes Inc.Dykes On BikesDykes On Bikes is Australia’s longest running female-identified motorcycle club, and one of the countries oldest LGBTQI community groups.
Boys on bikesBoys on BikesBoys on Bikes
First NationsFirst NationsThe annual First Nations community float represents the diversity within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQ+ community. 
78ers78ersThe 78ers are the valiant group of people who gathered at Taylor Square on Saturday night 24 June 1978 to march down Oxford Street and joined the Drop the Charges demonstrations that followed. This was at a time when homosexuality was still a criminal act. More than four decades later they’ve lost none of their spirit. This year the 78ers show off placards with key milestones of 1972.
Sydney Mardi GrasUnited We ShineSee our community shine bright as we bring our festival theme to life through an LGBTQIA+ journey of adversity, achievements, and love. Led by 40 talented Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras community dancers, with vocals by Prinnie Stevens and Timothy Springs, creative by Travis Conneeley, choreography by Virginia Ferris, costume design by Leah LeLash and Tiffany Porto plus music production by Peewee Ferris.
ABC PrideShining for 90 yearsIn 2022, the ABC is celebrating 90 Years of connecting Australians and inviting LGBTQIA+ communities to join the party. ABC Pride’s float captures the excitement of this national celebration with staff from across Australia uniting in a display of pride and joy. ABC Pride is self-funded and run by volunteers.
ACONTest for HIV Now! It’s Your Ticket to Ride – ACONACON is NSW’s leading HIV and sexuality and gender diverse community health organisation. This Mardi Gras season, ACON is encouraging our communities to test for HIV now. Getting a HIV test is your ticket to getting out there again. It’s your ticket to ride.
AIVL – Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users LeagueSpotlight on Overdose: Harm Reduction Saves LivesThis year, AIVL, the National Peak organisaiton that has been advocating for the health and human rights of people who use drugs (from in and out of the LGBTQI+ community) for the the last 30 years is putting a spotlight on big issues like overdose, stigma and discrimination…… and we’re doing it in the glitz and glam of mardi gras!  
Alex Greenwich Member for Sydney & Sydney Lord Mayor Clover MooreAlex Greenwich MP & Lord Mayor Clover MooreMember for Sydney Alex Greenwich MP and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore march together again in 2022 along with dedicated Sydney volunteers, supporters, and Independent councillors. As a community, they have helped achieve big victories for LGBTIQA+ rights, and together their work shows that United We Shine. 
American ExpressExpress YourselfIn our first year as Principal Partner of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the American Express float heroes the core theme of Express Yourself. Together we march championing love and empowerment as we celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community in a space where people can fully express their true selves.
Asian Marching Boys & FriendsThe House of Dragons!Taking inspiration from the 2022 Theme ‘United we Shine’,  
welcome to THE HOUSE OF DRAGONS. The dragon in Asian culture represents good luck, strength, health and also the male element Yang. The dragon is a shining symbol of unity in imperial power and authority. AMBF will convey the feelings and emotions of standing strong wearing silver metal 
Australian AsexualsAustralian Asexuals: Here to Shine!We want to shine a light on the Asexual community. Australian Asexuals is a community group that brings together asexual communities in Australia to create a unified group, as well as to educate people about asexuality. A lack of sexual attraction to any gender is what defines our sexuality.
Australian Association of Social WorkersLGBTIQ+ Social Workers, Agents for ChangeSocial workers are advocates, change makers, reformists and community organisers.We have stood side by side with the LGBTIQ+ from the very beginning. We were there during the rallies, in the marches, in the hospitals and in the schools. Social workers are agents for change, and we will continue to advocate with the LGBTIQ+ community.
Australian Federal PolicePride at AFPThe AFP is proud to serve and celebrate the full diversity of the Australian community. AFP members come from all walks of life, and in the 2022 Parade, we band together with the LGBTIQA+ community, our friends, and our allies to take a stand against hate and inequality. Happy Mardi Gras!
Australian Rainbow Veterinarians and AlliesAustralian Rainbow Veterinarians and Allies: Fabulous Pets need Rainbow Vets!ARVA is the only organisation providing support, advocacy and connection for LGBTIQA+ veterinarians and people in the veterinary industry in Australia. In a profession that is stressful, isolating and is the least diverse profession in the world we provide an outlet for people to be themselves and connect with others like themselves.
Autism Spectrum AustraliaThe Neurodiversity Rainbow. A different brilliance.We represent the LGBTQIA+ Autistic community. Autistic people are 8 times more likely to be diverse in gender & sexuality. In 2022, we focus on the strengths of Autistic people within the LGBTQIA+ community, shine a light onto the brilliance of our differences & celebrate who we are with pride
Bentstix Hockey ClubWe Unite In The Fight To ShineBentstix Hockey Club unite together to support one another, to be advocates within our sport and within wider communities and organisations to create a safe space for all individuals of the LGBTQIA+ community. We take pride in our efforts and continued commitment to fight for equality for all.
Beyond BlueBeyond Blue shines a light on Mental Health.Beyond Blue strives to shine a rainbow light on ALL people in Australia, so that we can be our authentic selves and be mentally well!
Bi+ VisibilityUnited Under the Bi+ UmbrellaBi+ Visibility is a community organisation with a mission to recognise and celebrate all multi-gender-attracted identities – and this year we come together, United Under the Bi+ Umbrella! Bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, polysexual, queer, fluid, gender-diverse – we stand for inclusion and celebrate the language that brings our community together.
Bobby Goldsmith FoundationOutshine the shadow of HIV StigmaMany of BGF’s clients say that HIV stigma still impacts their lives. Our parade entry will highlight the issue of HIV stigma and discrimination. Our entry will shine a light on HIV stigma and will encourage us all to change the way we see, think and speak about HIV. 
BraveheartsPlunderstruckMarching to Plunderstruck by The Bad Pipers, this year’s Bravehearts entry celebrates Bagrock! Plunderstruck is a Bagrock version of Thunderstruck by AC/DC. AC/DC were formed in Sydney in 1973 by Scottish-born brothers Malcolm and Angus Young – a perfect Scottish Aussie mix!
BuildingPrideBreak, Build, Shine!BuildingPride is a community group of LGBTQI+ individuals and allies from the property and construction sector that is focused on improving the lives of LGBTQI+ people working within the industry. At Mardi Gras, BuildingPride aims to break stereotypes, build a platform for individuals in our industry, and create space for us to shine.
Bush Lemons Bush Lemons  – Blue Mountains Lesbian Bushwalking group 26 years strong and still a good squeezeBush Lemons is a Blue Mountains based Lesbian bushwalking and outdoors group. We walk mostly on the lands of the Dharug and Gundungurra peoples. We wish to encourage Lesbians to enjoy bushwalking, discover more of this beautiful area we live in, have fun and get fit, all in the company of other Lesbians. Bush Lemons began in 1996.
CanvaDesigned to ShineWe are all Designed to Shine. Marking Canva’s first time in the parade, it will be a joyous celebration of the community and the individuals who make it. With costumes by Brendan de la Hay and choreography from Canva’s own #danceclub, we can’t wait to show you our united canopy.
City of SydneyPower in PrideRemembering and recognising the contributions from our LGBTQI+ community, especially over the last 2 years.A message of empowerment, inclusion and diversity no matter your identity – we all unique with different strengths and abilities.Power in Pride – own who you are, celebrate your strengths and take pride in uniqueness.
Coastal Twist LGBTIQ FestivalInclusion means youLGBTIQ Arts & Culture celebrations are a great example of vital community symbols & are incredibly important for all people whose sexuality, gender, culture, age or ability is forced to remain invisible, “Be the Change”, is about a happier, healthier and more welcoming Central Coast.
Cosplays Out Of The ClosetCosplays Out Of The Closet – Together in Fantasy and RealityFiction comes to life at Sydney Mardi Gras! Characters from all corners of popular culture have come together for this special day, ready to demonstrate our vision for society where everyone may stand tall and proud. Be sure to cheer for your favorites; they are all here for you!
CSIRO – Australia’s national science agencyPOWer to shine!As Australia’s national science agency, we believe knowledge is power. Together we spark positive change, because as individuals we’re empowered to be ourselves, always. CSIRO – solving the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology.
Dayenu – Jewish LGBT+ SydneyJewish Stars Shining LightJewish Stars Shining Light celebrates diversity in both Queer & Jewish communities – shining a light on marginalisation in Jewish congregations together with increasing anti-semitism including within Queer circles. As we dance and delight in this once-a-year day, we give thanks for what has come to pass and dream of what might be.
DEFGLISStronger Together: The Only Way Is UpStronger Together: The Only Way Is Up represents DEFGLIS’ commitment to coming together and elevating each other through times of hardship. Participants wearing LED rainbow wings will “take flight” moving through the performance zone, symbolising a brighter future together. DEFGLIS members will express their shared vision of progress and inclusion.
DeloitteBe You – Bring you true self to workYou Be You is about the power that comes from our authenticity. When we unlock our authentic selves, we invite others to do the same, creating a butterfly effect of powerful, vibrant change where we can explore, learn and thrive. At Deloitte, we believe in bringing your authentic self to work. We believe in the power that comes from being you.
Department of DefenceWe Are One: Strength in UnityThe Defence entry is a traditional marching contingent, parading the flags that unite us as a nation. Defence is but a subset of the Australian community; the community we have stood by and supported in recent years through floods, fires and COVID-19. We are proud to once again promote our values and celebrate our culture of inclusion at MG22. 
Different Strokes Dragon Boat ClubUnited We PaddleIn traditional dragon boating, our paddles represent the dragon’s claws. These paddles power our dragon boats forward. Our life paddles show the strength of the LGBTQI+ community in manoeuvring the twists and turns, in finishing the races, in winning over challenges. We win with members of the dragon boating and the LGBTQI+ community.
Emerald City Kickball IncAustralia’s newest sweet kick, Emerald City KickballOne coloured ball of sugar? Unimpressive. Combined with other colours on fairy bread, hundreds and thousands find a space to shine! Emerald City Kickball is an inclusive sports league that requires no previous experience, but offers a safe space to have fun and connect authentically around a tiny red ball.  
Ethel Yarwood EnterprisesBe Better. Be Betty.A tribute to the extraordinary career, marvellous talent and humanity of Betty White.
Everyday Ability Pty LtdShine EverydayRepresenting the ability of people with disability to shine like the sun in the face of adversity.
Father BrownFather BrownFather Brown is coming out for Mardi Gras …to unravel any mysterious happenings.
Fetish AustraliaThe Kinks that Bind UsWe know that as kinksters we are stronger and more empowered when we are united together. We feel most connected with each other and the community when we are celebrating our kinks and being able to live our kink life unapologetically. We look forward to parading our huge banner which shows all of our prides united in our great community.
Fire and Rescue NSWPrepared for Anything and United We ShineFire and Rescue NSW is committed to developing a workplace culture which embraces workforce equity, diversity & inclusion. We encourage workplace culture & environment which is respectful, free from any form of discrimination or harassment, where diversity is valued & is used to foster innovation & improve operational capability & service provision.
FLAGCOM and FriendsThe Colours of Freedom.The Philippines is a country rich in National Heritage. It’s colourful, vibrant, and exotic! The country’s culture and arts is derivative from its natural environment, diversity of people and colonial history. We’ve learned to become resilient, creative and imaginative in order to survive. 
Football AustraliaFootbALL UnitedFootball is a global sport loved and played by many, but not seen as the safest space for some. We’ve come a long way in making the sport an inclusive space. Marching alongside iconic clubs such as Sydney Rangers FC and The Flying Bats shows the unity needed, to tackle this pressing issue of inclusivity and creating that safe space.
Free Gay and HappyAin’t that SUPERSTOP THE PRESS – Superman is coming out!No longer just fan fiction… DC Comics made it official on Nov. 9. 2021 the new Superman (Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane) is out and proud!Join the coming out party Free Gay and Happy are throwing.
Fruits from BrazilFruits from Brazil against BolsonaroWe are a group of 2000+ queer Brazilians living in Australia. 
Brazil is one of the countries that most discriminates and kills LGBT people in the world. The life expectancy of trans people in Brazil is 35 years.
We would like to bring awareness about crimes against the LGBTQIA+ community that are happening today.
Gay Dads CommunityGay Dads CommunityThe Gay Dads community, which is supported by Rainbow Families, brings together all types of gay dads and gay men considering having children. This support network, which includes face-to-face gatherings and an online community, helps gay men learn from each other’s experiences and make friends
Gay Pride AustraliaWE ARE FAMILY UNITEDGay Pride Australia – We Are Family United. We may not be Blood but together we unite under a shiny rainbow of love, a family of communities that glows bright.
Gay TradiesGay TradiesHard physical labour isn’t just for men, women too. Breaking down the stereotypes of the “Normal” Tradie includes all genders and LGBTQI+  people. 
GENDER FREE JAPANESE Same sex marriage in JapanI want to show my intention to accept same-sex marriage in Japan
Gig Buddies SydneyGig Buddies: Together we shine!We stand together as one diverse, inclusive family. 
We shine a light on visible and invisible disabilities, highlighting the strength in our differences to bring out the best in our community!
We empower our participants and volunteers to celebrate and express themselves alongside or as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. 
Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NTBuilding A Better World TogetherGirl Guides NSW, ACT & NT unites young women and girls to grow as leaders and make a positive difference to the world. Our LGBTIQ+ members are current and future role models and our broader community consistently works together to build a better, and more inclusive, world for all.
GLADD – The Association of LGBTQI+ Doctors and DentistsCOVID CombatCOVID Combat – A “tongue in cheek” sexy celebration of the trials and tribulations the LGBTQI+ Healthcare community have gone through to fight COVID 19. Armed with vaccines and public support, we’re excited to be bringing the fun back into our favourite activity of the year… Now who wants a shot?! Proudly serving you some GLADD X
Gymnastics NSWLGBTQI+ in Gymnastics: Confident, Capable, Caring and DiverseGymnastics NSW is here to acknowledge that it is time for us to UNITE with the LGTBQI+ community and SHINE as the Confident, Capable, Caring and Diverse people we are! 
Everyone has a right to feel welcome, safe, and proud in gymnastics and indeed within all aspects of life!
Harbour City BearsHi Viz – High Visibilty – Body PositivityHarbour City Bears are going Hi Viz to call on all the gay hirsuite and ample of frame to be proud of our bodies. We’re not hiding or just fitting in, we are here shining to all who we are.  Love it large. love the hair, love being a Bear!
Headspace National Youth Mental Health FoundationHeadspace National Youth Mental Health FoundationIf life becomes overwhelming, know that headspace is a safe space for you to talk about everything you’re going through. We’re helping thousands of young people from the LGBTIQA+ community get the support they need. We’ve got your back when life isn’t always glitter and rainbows. 
Human Rights Watch (The Australia Foundation in Support Of Human Rights Watch Limited)Everyone deserves to Shine!At Human Rights Watch we believe in speaking out against violations of basic human rights. We are fighting for the advancement of LGBT+ rights around the world and our float this year wishes to shed a light on some of these injustices. We want to ensure quality across the world and ensure everyone has the chance to shine!
I Just Want To Be MeI just want to be meI Just Want To Be Me
Illawarra Shoalhaven Rainbow Alliance (ISRA)Illawarra Shoalhaven Rainbow AllianceOur entry is about overcoming the storm of adversity to shine bright like a rainbow after the
storm. Four community groups coming together celebrating diversity and inclusion within The Illawarra, Shoalhaven and South Coast regions. Together we shine brighter and diminish the effects of the storm of adversity.
Independents For InclusionIndependents For Inclusion – Catch The New Wave!The Warringah LGBTQI+ Community and Zali Steggall MP, proudly march in unity for the causes of inclusion and active representation. Alongside local independent candidates as our guests, we invite you to ‘catch the new wave’ of independent politics.
Inner City Legal CentreShine a light on justiceBy participating, ICLC wants to shine a light on changes that are needed to support the LGBTIQA+ community, changes that we have achieved and the ICLC’s commitment to fighting for justice and fairness. 
Jopuka ProductionsTogether Under Lights We ShineJopuka Productions is one of Australia’s leading regional youth theatre bodies they pride themselves on celebrating all young people with over 50% of their membership identifying as Queer. Tonight they are celebrating some of the biggest queer characters in theatre as they give their young people the chance to celebrate themselves. 
Kirketon Road CentreShining Brightly TogetherFor the past 35 years, KRC has been part of the evolving health response to challenging health needs of the LGBTQI communities. 
KRC is committed to fair and equal treatment for all,  with no-one ever having to endure being discriminated against, whether for their sexuality, sex, gender identity, race, beliefs, age and/or abilities. 
Liberal Party NSW – Friends of the LGBTIQ CommunityLiberal Party NSWWe are members, supporters and LGBTIQ allies and advocates within the Liberal Party. Our electorates represent vibrant and large LGBTIQ communities in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, the Gold Coast and Cairns. This year’s theme is “We Shine”. Shining means pride, liberal means pride and a deep belief in the power of the individual. 
Lifesavers with PrideTake me to the beachOut of lockdown, people of all backgrounds are rushing to the beach. Lifesavers with pride are a  welcoming, progressive and inclusive group of lifesavers working to keep you safe at our beaches.
Little CreaturesAll Creatures WelcomeThe Little Creatures Cherub welcomes all little creatures to come together because, just like their magical ales, it’s the surprising combinations of diverse flavours coming together that make life a whole lot tastier.
MAG Sydney IncUnited We Shine, We At Mature Age Gays Are All In Our Ageing PrimeMAG Sydney Inc – Mature Age Gays is for those ageing and greying in the Community. We Know We Are Grey, But We’re Here and We’re Proud To Be Gay. Some on walking sticks, Though Many Without, We Are Indeed Proud To Be Out
Marine Rescue NSWShining on the WaterAs a marine rescue volunteer based emergency service, the strength, diversity and tolerance of our members shines like the sparkling waters their boats travel across. 
MINIThe MINI show of Big Love‘The MINI show of Big Love’ is a spectacular celebration of love, empowerment, and diversity that is open to all. In a rainbow-coloured flash of energy, the MINI Parade will fuse music, dance, light and fashion. Join the ride as MINI Australia rejoices in the Big Love all around us!
MinterEllisonThe light in ME reflects the light in YOUThe light in M.E. reflects the light in you’.  MinterEllison strives to deliver lasting impacts on the lives of others, shining a light on the need for justice and equality for the LGBTQ+ community and proudly providing ProBono legal support to Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for almost 25 years.  United we shine.
Miss ScotlandMiss Scotland – International Ambassador Of Camp Caledonians Around The GlobeMiss Scotland is a global ambassador of a country that continues to “Shine” and is proud to say that LGBTQ+ rights in her birth country have evolved extensively and that they are now one of the most progressive countries in the world. 
In 2021, all public schools in Scotland received lessons in issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community.
Mrs Finger and her Prize Pig (Second Place)Mrs Brown and her Prize Pig (Second Place)In honour of the many prize pigs, puppies and ponies who have graced this stadium in the many Royal Easter Show Parades we present Mrs Brown from Bong Bong and her Prize Pig (Second Place).Mrs Brown is played by Cindy Pastel of Priscilla Queen of the Desert Fame and our Prize Pig for tonight is the World Famous artist Gareth Ernst.
My People | My TribeSurvivorAs a queer community, we have shown that we are survivors of the invisible evils that fight against us. For Mardi Gras 2022, our concept represents how we’re not going to give up, we’re not going to stop, and we are only going to work harder to shine united!
Newcastle Pride IncHand in HandHand in hand we will shimmer, shine and sashay representing the various flags of our community and create a stunning image of diversity. Together we shine bright as one.
Newtown Breakaways Football Club“Break Free”  20 Years of BreakawaysNewtown Breakaways – Women, Men & Non-Binary people – all playing together with Pride!  The Breakaways celebrate 20 years as a community AFL Club and invite you to “Break Free” with us  Breakaways … All I wanna be …
NRLNRL Pride in League – Empowering Everyone to Feel Welcome in our GameRugby League is committed to upholding qualities including respect, equality and inclusiveness, and we have tremendous ‘Pride in League’ year-round.  A diverse community of culture, gender, sexuality and social background, we are proud of who we are, where we come from and who we represent.
NSW Nurses and Midwives’ AssociationNurses & Midwives: Stronger TogetherThroughout COVID-19, nurses and midwives go above and beyond protecting our community fearlessly without hesitation. There is no stopping for healthcare workers on the frontline, caring for patients day in and day out. Nurses and midwives shine under pressure proving they are up to any challenge when they are united and STRONGER TOGETHER.
NSW Police Force GLLOs Shine with PrideNSW Police Force GLLOs Shine with PrideNSWPF has marched in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade since 1996. This year, NSWPF GLLOs (LGBTIQ Liaison Officers) Shine with PRIDE.  They are joined by the NSWPF LGBTIQ Employee network PRIDE in Police. Our marching contingent demonstrates the ongoing support and strong commitment to LGBTIQ communities and our own LGBTIQ staff.
NSW Rural Fire Service“We shine together  – we unite as one”“We shine together  – we unite as one”
NSW State Emergency Service (SES)NSW SES PRIDE SHINESJust like sunshine on a rainy day, the NSW SES unites to support all communities across NSW in times of floods and storms. NSW SES reflects the communities we serve and proves that when we unite we SHINE. #NSWSESPRIDE 
NSW Teachers FederationSparking JoyThe NSW Teachers Federation float aims to ‘SPARK JOY’ by standing together to proudly celebrate the LGBTIQ+ community within Public Education. As the union for Public Education Teachers, Federation and it’s members fully support and celebrate all communities and their right to Public Education.
Oceanic Pups and HandlersUnited Colours of PetsOceanic Pups and Handlers represents Human-Animal role players across Australia and the Oceanic Region. We pride ourselves on diversity and equality through safe, sane, and consensual human expressions of kink and fetish. We stand united by the colours of our kink, and with our pride of the Oceanic Region.
OptusIt starts with YesYes, Yeah or Yassss. It’s an attitude that unlocks a world of possibilities. When we stand united and choose to create a change, we can make great things happen. We’re thrilled to be Premier Network Partner for SGLMG and Sydney WorldPride 2023, and Presenting Partner of Queer Screen Mardi Gras Film Festival.
Out for AustraliaUnited in the power of mentorshipUnited in the power of mentorship, we create shining futures for our community. Out for Australia provides visible mentors, role models, thought leadership and targeted support to aspiring LGBTQIA+ professionals and to strengthen the sense of community among professionals and students.
P&GLEADWITHLOVEDriving visibility of a world where everyone is equally free to pursue their dreams and realize their potential, no matter who you are, where you’re from or who you love
PEACOCK MORMONSPeacock Mormons – LOVE SHINESLOVE SHINES Pink Angels sent from heaven above accompanied by a loving married couple representing our heartfelt message… LOVE SHINES. This a significant MARDI GRAS moment because it represents Marriage Equality Success regardless of your country of origin or religious ideology. Our message is full of LOVE and shows how UNITED WE SHINE.
PFLAGShining Light for ParentsPFLAG is a support group of Parents and Friends, working to keep Families Together with Acceptance , Support and knowledge. Join as a member and support this voluntary organization
PHANTOMPHANTOM – representing Pansexuals & other minor identities because UNITED WE SHINE!PHANTOM – Shining for Pansexual+ people in Unity with everyone.Pansexuals are an often forgotten, unrecognised and under-represented section of our community.
PHANTOM  is here in 2022 to SHINE a light on our people for our recognition, validity, inclusion and visibility, while being UNITED with all OAGID people, regardless of identity.
Please Don’t Forget Our HomelessPlease Don’t Forget Our Homeless.The Please Don’t Forget Our Homeless Float  representing our growing homeless  and how vulnerable the Lgbtqia Homeless are in our society still.

Not to mention the proposed deplorable Religious Freedom Bill  will discriminate and leave our Lgbtqia Homeless even more at risk and without welfare and shelter,Stop this appalling Religious Freedom Bill.
Point Clare FamiliesPoint Clare FamiliesOur regional NSW group is made up of different family structures, different sexualities, different gender identities, different ages, different abilities and different socio-economic status. We come together under a unified umbrella of Point Clare Families. We support each other, we respect each other and love each other Together, United, We Shine.
Positive Life NSWShine a Light on StigmaAs the leading voice for all people living with HIV across the state, Positive Life NSW gives a big F U to HIV stigma and discrimination with confidence and dignity. While HIV/AIDS is not be the killer it once was, HIV stigma and discrimination pose considerable risks to anyone living with HIV today. We reject ignorance, fear and shame about HIV. 
Princesses Of Mardi Gras 2022Princesses Of Mardi GrasRepresenting the 6 colours of the LGBTIQ+ flag, shining in sequins, rhinestones and ruffled ballgowns. Showing visibility to the world that when all the colours of the rainbow are united, we shine
QANTASQantas and Sydney Mardi Gras. Together once moreAt Qantas, we share a proud history of over 100 years. We value our people’s diverse, lived experiences and believe that our inclusive culture contributes to our strength and success.
Qantas is proud to be a Major Partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.
Queer Roller DerbyGalaxy of Diversity:Breaking the Gender Roll-er SkatersThe Roller Derby community is as diverse as the universe! We are all gems, He, She, Ze, Them, or whatever they choose.
The gender galaxy contains infinite options that move and change through time and space, by embracing the gender diversity of our rainbow community, our uniqueness shines even brighter!
Queer ScreenSharing queer stories on the big screen at Queer Screen and Mardi Gras Film Festivals!Celebrating the diversity of sexualities and gender identities through queer storytelling on screen, by inclusive and respectful communities full of creativity, inspiration and pride.
Quidditch AustraliaQuidditch Australia – A Sport for EveryoneQuidditch is a grassroots, community sport for everyone, all genders all abilities. We provide a safe, inclusive space of recreation for demographics that have been traditionally marginalised from conventional sports communities, including women, people in the LGBTQIA+ community, and people with diverse racial or cultural backgrounds
R U OK?Unite every day, ask R U OK?‘Unite every day, ask R U OK?’
An R U OK? conversation can make a difference when someone is dealing with challenges and life’s ups and downs. It is important that we initiate these conversations, not just during Mardi Gras or R U OK Day, but every day. 
Rainbow Amnesty International AustraliaFight for LGBTQIA+ Refugees now!Around the world many countries still criminalize LGBTQIA+ communities. LGBTQIA+ refugees & asylum seekers flee persecution, discrimination & violence but face many dangers & barriers to finding safety. Rainbow Amnesty calls on everyone to be in solidarity with LGBTQIA+ refugees & asylum seekers. Bring them to safety! Support them to shine!
Rainbow Babies and KidsRainbow Babies and KidsWe have supported children of LGBTQI+ parents for 22 years. These children SHINE in the face of prejudice, homophobia and bullying at school. 
A common myth is that children need a mother and a father. We challenge that notion and show LGBTQ+ parents can also raise healthy children. 
Rainbow EvolutionWhere friends become familyRainbow Evolution are a community group that celebrates the strength, diversity and differences of the LGBTQI+ Community and its allies. Our float brings together everyone’s authentic self into a fantasy circus of misfits. United we shine brighter together.
Rainbow FamiliesRainbow FamiliesRainbow Families is a not for profit charity that reduces suffering and disadvantage of LGBTQ+ families. The mission of Rainbow Families is to relieve suffering and disadvantage of LGBTQ+ families by providing resources and support for LGBTQ+ families and education to the wider community about the value of LGBTQ+ families into the broader community
Rainbow Families Regional, Social Support and PlaygroupsRainbow Families Regional, Social Support and PlaygroupsRainbow Families Regional, Social Support and Playgroups reduce the isolation experienced by LGBTQ+ parents and their children by bringing people together. Meeting and becoming friends with other LGBTQ+ families who are from their local area is affirming and helps reduce the stigma LGBTQ+ families have every day. 
Rainbow Labor NSWTogether we StandTogether we stand and united we shine! History has shown that when we all stand together there is nothing we cannot achieve, and this is never more true than for the LGBTIQ+ community.
Rainbow Rebellion Rainbow Rebellion: CODE RED for humanityRainbow Rebellion is calling a CODE RED for Humanity. All people of the world, young, old, queers and their allies are standing united opposing leaders and the fossil fuel companies who are taking us down the path of irreversible climate and ecological destruction. We invite the LGBTQIA+ community to unite and demand climate action NOW!
Rainbow Recovery ClubLiving Clean & SoberRainbow Recovery Club has provided a safe space for over 20 years for GLBTQ+ people to recover from alcoholism, drug and other addictions with peer support and fellowship.
Raio de Sol Community Samba BandRaio de Sol – Canberra Samba!Unforgettable brazillian samba drumming and incredible dancers bring the essence of Rio Carnivale to Sydney, representing diversity through our community band which invites everyone to pick up a drum and be intoxicated with great vibes.
SalesforceLove Unites UsFor the fourth year running, Salesforce is proud to partner with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Our parade entry is a celebration of reuniting with the community and the power of one team working towards a common goal. Salesforce and it’s employees stand together with the community because Love Unites Us!
Scouts NSWScouts NSW – Uniting and Empowering Youth to ShineScouts NSW is a globally successful youth development organisation offering a modern diverse youth-focused program of activities to more than 18,000 members in NSW. Activities spark curiosity and adventure, building resilient and confident young people. United We Shine, with the Scouts logo representing every state joined in the worldwide movement.
Shellharbour Shag-HardersTake A Chance On MeWe are the Shellharbour Shag-Harders! A young group of energetic and loving LGBTQIA+ folk who are spreading the importance of being there for others when they are feeling down and alone, and taking a chance to reach out for support during these tough and isolating times.
Shiba Squad SydneyLet Your Shiba Shine!Like the Shiba, we are fearless, 
confident, cute and fun. Champions of diversity and body-positivity, we want to showcase our colourful group of members at Mardi Gras 2022. Welcoming people from all walks of like, we have found amazing friendships and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.
Shining togetherShinging togetherThe LGBTI+ community shining together once more after the difficulties of COVID-19.
SJBThe Architect’s BalletPresented as a contemporary iteration of the Bauhaus Ballet, we wish to honour the history, challenges, and strengths of the queer community within the design and built environment industries, and celebrate the community’s joyous diversity.
Social Justice in Early Childhood FoundationSocial Justice in Early Childhood – How I like to be meEarly childhood educators shine brightly for all of our LBGTQI+ children, families and educators . We stand united against all forms of bias and discrimination and celebrate a world where all of us can joyfully express what ‘it’s like to be me’! 
Solar Gold DancersSolar Gold DancersWe are a bunch of LGBTQI fossil fool dancers flaunting our vexation of Australia’s inability to move away from fossil fuels. A cheeky take, playing with the idea of ‘soul of a nation’ ‘all that glitters is not coal’. Enjoy solar wind inspired jump suits as we dance around issues. 
Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)SBS: Unity in DifferenceSBS’s tagline ‘Unity in Difference’ is a celebration of how our differences make us a stronger and more cohesive whole. We seek to champion diversity and inclusion, and remain dedicated to the amazingly diverse LGBTQI+ community. Our entry reflects SBS’s purpose to drive social cohesion as Australia’s multicultural and Indigenous broadcaster.
Spirit of the Islands Spirit of the Islands‘Spirit of the Islands’ means acceptance, love and embracing everyone while still respecting our past! We are happy people! We are colourful in life and in spirit. 
St Vincent’s Health Network SydneyHealthcare Superstars of the Galaxy: They Came From Planet PPEThe St Vincent’s Health Network Superstars of the Galaxy are celebrating the work of all healthcare staff: frontline workers, administration and support for their interstellar efforts providing support and care through COVID. Our Pride Network recognises the  contributions of our LGBTQ family in every part of our services that have United to Shine
Sydney Convicts RUFCShine for SportThe Sydney Convicts are Australia’s first gay & inclusive Rugby Union club. This year we march with pride for the strides made in inclusive sport. Yet we are here to shine as a reminder that until sport’s welcome us all, we must keep tackling discrimination on all levels. We only win when everyone takes the field. We are all one team.
Sydney FrontrunnersSYDNEY FRONTRUNNERS, Sydney’s running and walking club for the LGBTQI+ communitySydney Frontrunners is Sydney’s welcoming LGBTQI+ running and walking group
Sydney Gay & Lesbian ChoirLove Shines a lightIt’s LOVE. Love shines a light on what’s important. It shines a light on the need for people to be inclusive & understanding. We come together for the love of singing, creating bonds within & beyond our community. Love gives us a voice to speak out against hate & foster support. Love shines a light that we are all the same
Sydney GaymersWe Can Win TogetherRacing video games, like many other games, may once have been about being the very best, (like no one ever was). But we all know — the best victories are those we win together. This year, Sydney Gaymers returns to our retro gaming roots, serving ladlefuls of nostalgia, 8 bit Karts, and most of all, togetherness! Beep beep!
Sydney Queer IrishRainbow Love LanguageThroughout history, queer communities have used secret symbols to communicate and connect. Rainbow Love Language is an ode to this history and an acknowledgement of their enduring need in parts of the world today. Violets, green carnations, coloured handkerchiefs and coded words will shine brightly as we proudly celebrate love.
Sydney Rainbow GolfersSydney Rainbow Golfers – Come play with us!We are a social golf group for LGBTQI+ players, friends and family.We provide an inlcusive, safe and fun space to play golf.All ages and all abilities welcome.We play weekly in Sydney on a range of courses on Sundays and most Fridays.
Sydney Rangers FCSydney Rangers FC – 25 years of prideSydney Rangers FC celebrate 25 years of football, fun and friendship on and off the soccer pitch. The Rangers will march in kits from throughout their history with formative members to celebrate their progress. 
Sydney Silverbacks Wrestling ClubGLOW: The SequelThe Sydney Silverbacks present GLOW (GLBTIQ+ of Wrestling), a celebration of diverse genders and sexualities within the sport of wrestling.
Sydney Stingers Water PoloSydney StingersSydney Stingers, have been part of the Mardi Gras Parade since 2010, this year we are United, as we Shine showing our clubs diversity throughout the community 
Sydney SwansUnited & ProudJust like the LGBTQI+ community, the Sydney Swans is united by its supporter base. Our fans are the heart and soul of this club, and we have missed their presence in the stands at our games. As Australia slowly makes its way out of the pandemic, it is more important than ever that we reconnect and unite in our fight for equality.
Sydney Theatre CompanyLet’s Get TogetherLet’s have a laugh. Let’s be challenged. Let’s open our minds. Let’s celebrate our city and get together to celebrate every voice.
Taronga Conservation Society AustraliaSea Us Sparkle – Our Diversity Unites UsSea Us Sparkle! Made up of thousands of corals, reefs provide a safe home to the sea’s exquisite species. This year, Taronga unites in a colourful display, highlighting the importance of protecting diversity. Our message is inclusion: that all who make up Taronga – and all those who visit – can shine as bright as they want.
Team Sydney IncTeam Sydney SportsCombating Homophobia & Transphobia in Sport – LGBTQI Inclusive Sports Teams, Clubs & Organisations in Sydney
eam Sydney Incorporated is a not-for-profit community body staffed by volunteers. It promotes sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles among gay, lesbian and gay-friendly people.
TEAMM8TEAMM8 – It’s YOUR time to SHINETEAMM8 – It’s YOUR TIME to SHINE. Mateship, community and support, the stuff every great team is made of. United we are stronger, and we salute and celebrate the starplayer in all of us! 
The Fabulous Wonder MamaUnited We Shine Like Super Heroes!Shine like Heroes! Wonder Mama and her Superhero Glamazons join the parade again this year bringing courage, joy, love and acceptance as their message! Wonder Mama says we can all be super heroes in our own way and you dont need super powers to be a true super hero! Unity is our super power!
The Flying Bats FCThe Flying Bats: United FCThe Flying Bats FC: united as a team we shine! Football is for us all – trans, non-binary and cis players together.
The Forbidden FruitsThe Forbidden FruitsThe Forbidden Fruits are a group of family and friends who represent the ethnic, cultural and sexual diversity of our LGBTQI communities. As LGBTQI People of Colour we live as “Forbidden Fruits” proud of our identity but often isolated. By supporting one another and celebrating our differences we can unite and shine at our brightest.
The Greens NSWNo Licence to DiscriminateThe Greens are a party of protest, with a long and proud history of standing up to the bigots seeking to diminish LGBTIQ+ rights. We will always stand with the LGBTIQ+ against religious freedoms legislation at a state and federal level.
The Itty Bitty Titty Committee(L) ABBiAAustralians love ABBA and lesbians love labia so why not combine the two? A fun homage to the uber-camp band. 
Our chosen song SOS is also a salute to our wonderful emergency and frontline workers who have carried us through the pandemic. We thank you. 
The LibrariansThe Librarians“Libraries and librarians offer safe, community spaces where everyone is welcome and no-one is judged. Books shine a light over experiences, and help your inner world to shine bright. Everyone is equal inside a library: a place where we can all take pride in our-shelves.”
The Oz Fag HagsThe Enchanted Forest“Every forest branch moves differently in the breeze, but as they sway they connect at the roots.”
– Rumi
The diversity of the forest is what makes its thrive. Our community too relies on our diversity. When we celebrate and support all of our differences – we can achieve great things. United we shine!
The Pinnacle FoundationThe Pinnacle Foundation – Giving the Gift of EducationThe Pinnacle Foundation provides educational scholarships, mentoring and opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ Australians to reclaim their path and overcome challenges arising from their identity. In 2022, nationally, we will be supporting more than 70 scholars as they work towards their goal of graduation.  That’s work celebrating.
The Renegade RobotsThe Raunchy, Red-Hot, Revolutionary, Rip-Roaring Renegade RobotsThese Robots are here to shine a bright silver light on the fact that a lot of people in Australia are still treated as second class citizens! (Silver medals conventionally representing second place) The Raunchy, Ravishing, Renegade Robots are here from the future to say this needs to change! 
The University of SydneyEnlighten, Unite, Shine Bright!Mardi Gras is a great opportunity for our staff and students to celebrate the LGBTIQ+ community. Our entry embodies the theme: Enlighten, Unite, Shine Bright. It is through education and learning at all levels that our communities can become enlightened and unite.
TikTokTikTok is Shining, For YouTikTok is Shining, For YouTikTok is a solo experience but with a billion strong community. When you shine, we shine. ‘For You’ is not just what TikTok does, it’s our purpose. 
Total MetamorphosisHeliosHelios shines light into all the dark places across the world.  The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is a beacon for LGBT+ people everywhere.
Tourette Syndrome Association AustraliaTic Loud Be ProudTourette Syndrome Association Australia Ticcing Loud and Ticcing Proud. Supporting neuro diversity and the LGBTQI+ community. Together can achieve anything, united we stand, United We Shine!
Trans GlamoreTrans GlamoreA night to celebrate trans performers and friends
Trans Pride AustraliaDeeper LoveTrans Pride Australia is here to Shine and exhale our Deeper Love. Our Deeper Inner-selves, the person who we say we are. Celebrate with us, a deeper love , a deeper Pride of yourselves and community.
Transport for NSWTransport for NSW: Letting our Pride ShineOur theme, LETTING OUR PRIDE SHINE positions Transport for NSW as an employer of choice that celebrates the diversity of our people and customers right across NSW.Transport also has one of the largest Pride Networks in the NSW public sector, which showcases our commitment to workplace inclusion.
Trikone AustraliaSupernova: An Explosion of ColourTrikone Australia returns with a spectacular float called “Supernova: An Explosion of Colour”, representing South Asia’s diverse and colourful culture. It depicts the birth of the universe that leads to various religious and cultural groups (Hindus, Muslims, Christians, etc.) living joyously together in the Indian subcontinent.
Union PrideUnion PrideUnion Pride takes this opportunity to recognise and uplift the contribution of and sacrifices made by essential workers over the last few years of the pandemic. Essential workers have kept our country running and it is only though their unity and tireless work that we can be here today to demand a better, brighter future for workers.
University of New South Wales PrideStudent SuperstarsUNSW is a proudly diverse and inclusive community. With students and staff coming from a range of backgrounds and lived experiences, we strive to fulfil our motto of “Scientia Manu, Mente et Corde” which means “Knowledge by head, by hand and (most importantly) by heart”. Our float celebrates all the bright stars at constellation UNSW.
USE ME UP, WEAR ME OUTUSE ME UP WEAR ME OUTDrawing inspiration from traditional, religious, and tribal imagery, we bridge dull binaries to somewhere shining in between.Bower birds collect shiny objects to attract a mate’s attention. We’re into similar peacockery. Shiny is our favourite colour. Old clothing, fabric and trash is recycled into something new. Use me up, wear me out.
W HotelsFluid & FreeW Hotels invites the LGBTQIA+ community aboard the Waves of Love, to set sail on a journey as we cruise across large expanses of shining waters. Waves of Love celebrates the journey that has been, and the journey to come. We ride the wave together, united with pride!
Western Sydney UniversityBoldness. Fairness. Integrity. Excellence. We Shine.Western Sydney University proudly celebrates all of the individuals and groups that form the LGBTIQ community. We belong to a diverse collective of individuals, and it is the richness and respect of these eclectic experiences, perspectives and values that enable us to shine much brighter than we ever have.
Wett Ones Swimming Club Sydney30 years of inclusionWett Ones is the largest Masters Swimming Club in Australia and was the NSW branch point-scoring champions in 2019. We pride ourselves on being inclusive of all genders, sexualities, ages and nationalities, and stand united in our love of the water and of swimming.
WoolworthsThe Proud Crowd from Woolworths GroupWoolworths Group is proud and excited to once again support the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. Team members from Woolworths Supermarkets, Big W and the wider  business will be strutting their stuff to Client Liaison’s ‘The Real Thing’. Celebrating that by being true to yourself, you shine!
World Gay Boxing ChampionshipsWorld Gay Boxing Championships United in the Fight to ShineWe are bringing the electrifying experience of boxing to Mardi Gras showcasing the thrill, excitement, skills and entertainment of an inclusive fight night where the LGBTQIA+ boxing community and our fabulous allies are united in the fight to shine. We are celebrating sport proudly showing boxing is for everyone!
Y’s United (YWCA & Y NSW)Y’s United for an equal futureYWCA Australia and the Y NSW are united for an equal future. We are passionate about offering all communities and all young people – regardless of race, age, language, gender, country of origin, cultural background, religion, sexuality or ability – pathways to live their best lives. 
You Are UniqueY’s United for an equal futureYWCA Australia and the Y NSW are united for an equal future. We are passionate about offering all communities and all young people – regardless of race, age, language, gender, country of origin, cultural background, religion, sexuality or ability – pathways to live their best lives. 

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