Mardi Gras launches new podcast series

Mardi Gras launches new podcast series

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, in collaboration with JOY94.9, announce Queer Thinking, a new podcast series launching on Tuesday 7 June 2022.

Hosted by trans non-binary JOY94.9 Presenter Triana Butler (she/them), the Queer Thinking podcast unpacks queer identity and explores all the things that make the LGBTQIA+ community unique, connected and creative.

From the heartfelt to the hilarious and heart wrenching, no topic is off-limits as a dynamic assortment of LGBTQIA+ guests join Triana each episode to open up and share their stories.

Dropping fortnightly from 7 June, the first eight episodes will focus on different LGBTQIA+ subjects including starting a family, being LGBTQIA+ in sport, queer subcultures, and delving into queer sex.

Host Triana Butler said “The LGBTQIA+ communities are filled with incredibly diverse people. People who have had their own unique experiences, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Queer Thinking gives us an opportunity to sit down with a range of different LGBTQIA+ people and really delve into their stories, allowing listeners a chance to unite or find support over shared experiences, and mobilise to take action on issues that are important to our communities.”

Guests featured on Season One of the podcast include the first out lesbian in Australian cricket Alex Blackwell, Mardi Gras 78er Sallie Colchin, HIV trainer and educator Joel Murray, Australian Olympic gymnast Dominic Clarke and transgender host of Rainbow History Class Rudy Jean Rigg.

Queer Thinking began as live, in-person talks and panel series as a part of the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. Each year, Mardi Gras gathers trailblazers, provocateurs and thought leaders from across the globe to discuss a broad spectrum of topics important to the LGBTQIA+ communities. Queer Thinking the podcast is a key pillar of Mardi Gras’ Always On vision, a commitment to year-round events, activism, connection and sharing of stories with people all over the world.

Download and listen to Queer Thinking via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or the Mardi Gras website.

More info:

Episode 1: Being Queer in sport
Date: Tuesday 7 June

Episode 2: My First Mardi Gras
Date: Tuesday 21 June

Episode 3: Queer Families
Date: Tuesday 5 July

Episode 4: Queer Sex Part 1
Date: Tuesday 19 July

Episode 5: Ballroom Culture in Australia
Date: Tuesday 9 August

Episode 6: Growing Up Religious 
Date: Tuesday 23 August

Episode 8: Queer Sex Part 2
Date: Tuesday 6 September

Episode 7: The Bisexual Experience
Date: Tuesday 20 September

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