Club Broadway – Ivy 16th September 2023.

Club Broadway – Ivy 16th September 2023.

For a while now, Club Broadway has been doing club gigs across Australia’s eastern seaboard, and landed yesterday afternoon at the Superclub “IVY” on Sydney’s George Street as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival.

I have been trying to get tickets to past events and finally scored myself a ticket by doing the only thing I knew how – signing up for their mailing list, waiting impatiently for the website to go on sale and snapping up a first release! 

I am so glad I did because yesterday was on of the highlights of my little gay life. It was overwhelming, the love, the vibe, the campness, the mixed crowd that just bonded over every lyric…. It was like “being back in the hey day of clubbing” (showing my age for sure!)

Basically, Club Broadway was started off as a place for Broadway, musicals an showtunes fans to go to sing along with upbeat bangers and tracks ranging from Disney, to Hamilton to the slew of Broadway and off off broadway classics in a free and fun environment.

It has never swayed from its roots, but the production has. With international icon DJ Dan Murphy behind the decks, the crew catapults you to back to back goosebump moments, with the packed dance floors, knowing winks to other attendees and breakout preformances by people in the crowd wanting their moment to shine – it is indeed the campiest show on earth and you feel privileged just to be in the room when it all goes down.

The production crew are even into it – hard core dance party lighting guys are dancing along and performing whilst working their magic of the lights, the roving photographers and videographers (shout out to our own Mark from Deepfield photography) are all in snapping people at their best and in full flight and a vibrant non attitude scene, without judgement, made this one of the best events I have EVER been too.

Expect over the top campness, fun, friendliness and of course showtunes.  They even have it set so you can Shazam the song being played if you don’t know all the lyrics and then you can sing along! They also have a Spotify – where you can get in the mood before or after events (and learn those pesky lyrics for musicals you may not be overly familiar with!)

This new-ish event brand is destined for global superstardom…. I see it going global for sure. Hopefully they will get to take it around the world, because this event IS going to try to be replicated, but after what I witnessed yesterday, I don’t think any other production team really could pull it off.

Dan engages the audience with each song – even dressing up track to track and pulling out props…. I wont give anything away here, because you just have to see it to appreciate the full amazingness of it all.

This is not a club you want to leave early from.   Arrive before it starts and stay right to the end.

I’m currently horizontal as my legs are not working from “dancing” and singing for the full four hours – and if you know me, normally I am a bit of a wall flower, I love standing back and watching the production elements and take the whole thing in — I got to do this as well as pretend to know the dance moves…. So am breaking out the tiger balm today to recover!

The shows. Oh how could I get to this point without mentioning the shows?  Think Chicago, and a bespoke drag show … think live singers and that’s just the tip of the start studded offering…. Im not going to break it down here, you will just have to go on over to the YouTube channel and subscribe to see the video when it’s posted!

I see this event attracting superstar global icons like Jonathan Groff, Irina Menzel and Jane Krackowski amongst others who should come and do a number or two at this event. 

The crew are putting on a large event at Sydney’s Town Hall in a few weeks, and I can just see DJ Dan Murphy playing the Town Hall’s organ for a Phantom of the Opera number…. Tickets are selling fast to that one – do do yourself a favour and grab em whilst you can.

The team are also heading to Auckland New Zealand shortly… and all across the country – all the deets are on Guidetogay’s What’s on page.

I personally guarantee the best ride you will have…. This beats a dark, attitude filled club any day of the week.

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