Travelling out of Australia during covid?

Travelling out of Australia during covid?

With Australia’s international borders on a hard lockdown to the rest of the world, some people need to travel for a variety of reasons, like study, work or VISA requirements. The conditions and advice are changing all the time and flights are very rare from outbound and inbound services, so always check the state health departments website(s) for information that is up to date. Return to Australia will also be very difficult, with mandatory quarantine for two weeks upon your arrival, and should there be an outbreak within quarantine, you may be required to isolate further.

Exemptions for ALL travel outside of Australia are strictly regulated, and you can check your eligibility here.

All outbound travellers from Australia to other countries will require an outbound Covid test certificate before they get on a flight – and conditions can change as to timing, destination regulations etc, but if you are looking at getting a COVID test, it needs to be as close to your travel date as possible. There are many locations around each state to get a covid test but as things change weekly, and outbound flights are very uncommon, check with your airline as to the options and what is accepted and what is the easiest based on their requirements.

Here is a link to Sydney Airports info sheet regarding COVID.

NSW COVID Testing locations for Travel Clearance

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