Sydney World Pride 2023


Taylor Square, NSW


-33.883115528003, 151.21662414718

Sydney WorldPride acknowledges the traditional custodians of Australia, the oldest surviving culture on the planet and invites us to work together to create change and long-lasting legacy for all our communities.

We welcome LGBTQIA+ people from across the globe: to honour our elders and communities, acknowledge our connections, and empower each other to celebrate together in new ways.

This is a calling.

A calling to gather in person or online and participate in this global movement.

It is a time to listen deeply, learn, take action, protest and party.

We invite you to participate in a gathering and conversation, celebration and ceremony.

A time to dream.
Imagine the future we want and demand it.
For some, a time to step aside, making sure there is an abundance of space for everyone.
New voices. New dreams.
A time for new perspectives and possibilities.

Our city will open its arms wide and welcome everyone to be themselves and dream big.

It will be the first WorldPride to be held in the Southern Hemisphere.
It will be playful and profound.
An invitation to speak out.
To look within and be proud.

It is dancing all night.
It is ripping the wound open.
It is healing.
It is a huge exhale of glitter.
It is non-stop laughter alongside heartbreak and injustice.
It is about what is possible when we amplify ourselves and each other.
This is a calling to amplify what is important to you whilst ensuring that others can turn their volumes up.
When we listen, deeply, what might we hear that we otherwise may not have heard?

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