Food St delivers home cooked deliciousness

Food St delivers home cooked deliciousness

With the amount of on demand food delivery, meal kit and grocery to your front door options these days, it can be a confusing and overwhelming process like staring down the aisle of a supermarket – endless options and wildly different price points.

In comes Food Street. A meal service with a difference. Prepared by local cooks and chefs in your area, these cooks offer up high quality and unique dishes, that can cater to singles and families alike. It’s not a major conglomerate, but a real community of cooks and foodies who share their favourite dishes with others. Its an insanely obvious but not done before idea.

Food Street was generous enough to send us a test box of meals to check out the options available from their extensive menu. And with really reasonable price points, it’s much cheaper than take away and way more delicious!

The majority of the meals we got were able to be thrown into the oven to cook in around 40 mins or one the stove top for a quick reheat.  All packaged to exacting health standards and labelled with all the directions you need to take the pain out of putting a great meal on the table.

Out of our box, which included noodle dishes, deserts, and pies, our runaway favourite was Richard’s Fish Pie. Funnily enough, I only found out that I know Richard whilst researching this review! That’s how local this service is!

With over 27 cuisine types covering over 150 meals on their menu, there is an option for any taste type, so you will never be bored at meal times.  The price is great as well. Richards Fish pie is only $17 for a two person hearty serving!

I loved our meals from Food Street and am consistently drooling over their menu – which you can discover online at


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