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The genius of Youtube's Gary C.

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With YouTube taking over the world and giving a platform to every tom dick and harry out there - it's rare to stumble across a truly genuine, fun, camp and entertaining channel.

This is where Gary C shines - his love of pop culture, especially Disney and Harry Potter makes this scamp of a Youtuber endear viewers to his charms, wit and humour.

I found Gary C via another Disney Youtuber, Adam Hattan, where both of them gay up the Disney theme parks in Orlando Florida.

These British guys are a hoot and a half and will make your Youtube viewing that extra special.

Gary C also does merch unboxing - and has an OCD obsession with collecting pins. His ability to create a catchphrase is also addictive! (Moo moo sharoo!)

Do yourself a favour and subscribe to Gary's channel and check out his 2019 Harry Potter video below.

It's very rare to find really natural, fun and interesting content on Youtube and the genius format of his presenting makes watching YouTube a real pleasure.


Disney Reveals First Bisexual Character

  • Published in TV

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Disney has revealed it’s first bisexual character on its hit ABC series ‘Once Upon A Time.’ The fantasy television series is set in the fictional town of Storybrook, Maine, where fairytale characters are robbed of their memories and transported to the real world.

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