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RuPaul returns with AList line up for Drag Race

Drag icon and reality TV overlord, RuPaul has returned to the American airwaves, with a couple of AListers in tow.

The debut episode featured none other than's pal, Maike Ruiz, who has just been resigned to another season of AList: New York, and Vanessa Williams!

Of course, Aussies don't get the current season of Drag Race yet, as we are one season behind - but for all our American readers, make sure you tune in to check it out - as this season brings some huge excitment and thrills... you ain't seen nothin yet!


Photo courtesy of Mike Ruiz.


Channel Nine Commissions new This Is Your Life

One of the most loved programs of all time is set for a dramatic overhaul when This Is Your Life returns to Australian television screens in 2011 in a revamped contemporary format for a new decade.

A different set, big-name musical performances and a live theatre-style setting will make This Is Your Life appeal to a whole new generation, while long-term fans will welcome back its familiar format with a fresh lineup of A-list stars.

This Is Your Life will treat viewers to a series of special event shows filmed at The Palms at Crown in Melbourne in front of a live audience, with performances by Australia's leading music acts and appearances by local and international celebrities.

“The brand new series of This is Your Life will be an entertaining show filled with laughter, tears and surprises,” the show’s Executive Producer, Adrian Dellevergin, said.

“We will adopt a whole new look as we celebrate the lives of our most treasured and admired Australians. We’re taking a much loved format out of its studio setting and turning it into major event television.”

This Is Your Life honours Australians who have forged brilliant careers and have had extraordinary life journeys.

The new series will include legends and heroes from the fields of entertainment, music, sport and the media.

Host Eddie McGuire will surprise the guest of honour with heartfelt reunions, spontaneous revelations and stories from friends and family from around the world.

Since 1975 almost 400 of Australia’s greatest achievers have been honoured on This Is Your Life, including Peter Allen, Greg Norman, Steve Irwin, Olivia Newton-John and Slim Dusty.

This Is Your Life will go to air on the Nine Network in 2011.


'Leaders' Debate to happen on SKY News

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have agreed to a public forum this Wednesday night in a forum organised by 'unbiased' newspaper - The Daily Telegraph.

To again be hosted by SKY News Political Editor David Speers it will air exclusively on SKY News.

The town hall-style public forum will take place at Rooty Hill RSL in Western Sydney and will air live Wednesday, August 11 at 6:00pm AEST. 200 undecided voters chosen by the Galaxy polling company will question the leaders separately on their policies.

Speers said, “Modern election campaigns have been criticised for being too controlled. We’re bringing back some old fashioned face-to-face campaigning to give voters a good look at the real Julia Gillard and real Tony Abbott.”

The agreement to the forum follows widespread criticism that the first Leaders’ Debate lacked any passion, and an offer of another Debate from the Seven Network, which was declined by Abbott.

Sky News reaches 34% of Australian households - with the pay tv news service now up against the free to air 24 hour new channel "24" recently launch on digital by the ABC.

Interestingly - this forum is being called a "leaders" debate, yet they have only offered up the two larger parties - not giving the chance for other significant political parties, like the Greens to participate.


We Get On The A-List: New York!

Reality blogs are a buzz about the new phenomenon about to hit TV screens in the USA, and its been the talk of TV land since it was announced, but how can you get more than the cast list and whats going on for "The A-LIST: New York"???

Well in our case, it was to film an episode of it!

We were honoured to be asked to participate in the filming of an episode of the hot new reality show - produced by the same folks that did Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Our episode is with our good mate, and A-List photographer, Mike Ruiz and stylist to the stars Roberto Morelli.

Check out Rob and JP as we set up a very special photoshoot in New York City for our friend's charitable projects.

We are keeping quiet on the finer details - cos you will just have to watch to vend out whats goes on on the ALIST :)

Rumour has it that it will be coming to LOGO in the USA in early October.


Vampire Diaries Going Gay?

The Vampire Diaries producer and creator Kevin Williamson has expressed fervent interest in getting a gay character on the show. He knows he wants to do it. He knows he is going to do it. He just has no idea when, where and more importantly, who it is going to be. While on the press circuit this week for the show, he explained:

"I'm sitting in the wings waiting. I'm waiting. Which character can be gay? Which character won't? Where will it fit in? How can I get the gay character in? I don't want to sound like I'm a militant about it, like THERE MUST BE A GAY CHARACTER, even though I am. It's not just that, it's also diversity. I always feel like I don't have enough diversity on my show, and that is one of the things I'm very conscientious of, and not just gay characters. Any diversity. In anything, I want everyone represented. I want everybody on the show."

However, as much as he wants to include a gay character in his vampy world, he also doesn't want the character to have a whole "coming out" arc. As he puts it, the story would be to reminiscent of what he did on Dawson's Creek:

"I don't want to do a coming-out story. I did it on Dawson's Creek. As much as I'd like to do [a gay story], I want it to be fresh, and I'd want to do it in a new way. I don't know what that way is. We've seen it. We've seen it on countless shows. I've done my coming-out story, and I was very proud of it, and I don't know what it would be."

Who could the resident gay turn out to be? Can't be the Elena or her vampire brother beaus. He could always bring in a whole new character to fill the void. Lets hope so!


MTV Gets Tranny-tastic

Its one of MTV's best and brightest shows - that does not bastardise the reality genre -- it's America's Best Dance Crew (presented/produced by Idol judge Randy Jackson)... and this season - currently screening on MTV Australia, has one crew thats not your typical street gang or cheer wannabes!

And thanks the lord that this show exists... if i see one more episode of The Hills or Jersey shore i think i will jump off a ledge! MTV is music and entertainment - not tragedy and sad reality!!!  BRING BACK THE FUNK MTV!!!!

But i digress...  ABDC is a very cool show and the crew we are keen on is totally gay-riffic!

Take a swag of gay voguers, add in a firece and FABULOUS lass who was a bloke and you have some beyonce ripping, tiger tripping dance brilliance!

The crew - titled "Vogue Evolotion" is currently battling it out on our screens to take home the crown. (Unfortunately its an old season, but hey... its still well worth the watch)

Vogue Evolution consists of dancers,

Dashaun Williams
Devon Webster
Malechi Williams
Leiomy Maldonado
Jorel Rios

From the underground ballrooms of New York City the members of Vogue Evolution have set out to spread their unique dancing style into the mainstream. The crew comprises of some of the most respected dancers in New York's "Vogue" house/ballroom scene, which has been around since the Harlem Renaissance.

The guys, who were once competitors in the underground "ball" scene, decided to take ABDC by storm and create a performing group under the direction of Devon and Dashaun. What they came up with was the best of the best in their scene. But dancing isn't the only thing these guys do. They have a hand in educating their community on HIV/AIDS and the importance of getting tested.

The crew is a dance power house group. Each member has surpassed incredible feats at young ages, from numerous awards to appearances on television. More notably, Pony choreographed for Mariah Carey and Dashaun is even the creator of the "5,000" dance move.

Why does Vogue Evolution think they'll take the ABDC crown? "Our style has been replicated by so many people that do not execute the specific steps correctly," Dashuan says. "We as a crew selected the best from the scene to show the mainstream where it's from."

Make sure you check them out - they are absolutely AMMMMAZZZING!


KD Lang To Appear At The Logie Awards

SUSAN Boyle won't be here after canning her appearance to "work on her next album"... but Logie producers have found another international star guest to step up to the stage, with kd lang jetting in to Melbourne.

The four-time Grammy award winner will join other performers John Mayer, Gabriella Cilmi and the Rogue Traders to entertain the audience on Logies night, Sunday 2 May, at Crown in Melbourne.

Lang, who has been performing for more than 25 years, most recently performed at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where she was heralded by fellow Canadian Michael Buble as "the greatest female singer in the world".

The Logies will be hosted by Bert Newton, with Red Carpet coverage by's photo teams.


Drag Queens Take Over Underbelly

The new season of the smash hit Australian TV Show 'Underbelly' has gone to the drags rather than the dogs.

Three of Sydney's most respected and high working drag queens are starring in the debut episode of the series Sunday 11th April, 2010.

Airing on Channel 9 at 8.30pm, the first 6 minutes of the show - based around the goings on of the crime world of Kings Cross, the 'seedy' nightclub strip was home to strippers, showgirls and the world famous Les Girls.

For a truly unique showcase of current drag in an historical setting - you can catch drag superstars, Maxi Shield, Penny Tration and Tora Hymen in all their glory.


RuPauls Drag Race - Season 1

We may only be just getting the first season of RuPaul's first reality competition - but its been glamming up television in the USA for two seasons now… even before the show was know in Oz, gays have been downloading it and chatting about the fabulous contestants, with even one of the ladies, Ongina, rocking up as the special guest to the Homesexual circuit Party in Sydney recently…

The show is part Next Top Model and Part Big Brother, but really its in a class of its own - the characters in Series one do engage you on a personal level - even if you can't stand drag! Its a real showpiece of fun meets fierce fabulousness and is totally over the top, surreally real, and glamourously confronting.

You do want to instantly see the next episode and it does not let you down.

Thanks to Lifestyle You, you can now see it in a decent quality, not some backwater download a friend burnt for you.






Foxtel to Introduce 3D TV in 2011

Hot off the heals of announcements by ESPN and Discovery in the US to introduce 3D channels and content, Foxtel have plans to bring 3D to Australian audiences in 2011.

Foxtel CEO Kim Williams said that the company’s existing high definition set top boxes were 3D ready and test broadcasts had been conducted in Australia.

“Foxtel’s HD set top units have already carried 3D signals in our premises with terrific picture clarity”, Mr Williams said.

Foxtel would continue to run trials on 3D transmissions over the next year, he said.

“I expect Foxtel will bring its first test broadcasts in 2011.”

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