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Pride In Colour calls for diverseCITY project participants

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The PRIDE In Colour working group are inviting all cultural groups found within New South Wales, Australia, to submit personal stories for the proposed 2012 ‘diverseCITY’  catalogue, being complied for the Living In Harmony Festival in March 2012. The aim of the project is to plant the seed of understanding and celebrate the diversity within our communities and our City.

"In 2011 we held a community consultation at Sydney’s Town Hall to allow members of diverse multicultural communities an opportunity to be heard." said Nick Baldas, the groups co-ordinator.  "Quickly we came to realize that it is very important to share stories. It empowers the writer and supports the reader, and by documenting the stories we are able to share these personal stories with will the whole of New South Wales, Australia and the World- helping to creating understanding and acceptance."

If you would like to participate please send through no more than 300 words about you and your journey. "Please feel free to add your name or write under an alias, we would ask that you do add your age and nationality, as this will allow readers to identify with you and feel less alone." Nick added.

So please if you would like to ‘share a story’ or know of anyone that would like to participate feel free to pass this invitation along, everyone is welcome.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact PRIDE In Colour via the group.

Submissions close on the 1 of December 2011

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