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Outland will be must see television in 2012


Take some of Australia's most fabulous names and shove them into an "observational comedy" ok, a sitcom, and you have a brilliant new series that delves into the world of Gay science fiction fans. was invited to see a two episode preview screening at the ABC centre tonight, and we can happily report that the series, starring Christine Anu, Ben Gerrard, Paul Ireland, Adam Richard and Toby Truslove is destined to be an international hit.

With an incredibly slick, campy and fun writing style, production that draws you into the twisted and hilarious story lines, and performances that cannot be beat, each character snaps you into an instant fandom, that will have you begging to see the next episode straight away.

Whilst you could be lazy and compare it to Big Bang Theory, it SO isn't… its even funnier (and I love Big Bang Theory). Its educated, its intelligent (without making you feel like a dumb arse) and its just so unique that it really should not be compared to anything!

Outland is set to air in February on ABC1, and even though it has a gay storyline, this show will mince right over stereotypes and boundaries and bitchslap the mainstream and gather itself massive amounts of viewers and fans like the Milky Way has stars.

All the actors are sublime, and the comedy is superb. This really could be the first in a new generation of sitcoms that would be a huge mega hit globally.

Do yourself a favour, program your DVR, write a post it note and stick it on the fridge, or set a note to come back and read this review in early Feb 2012, so you make sure you tune in to this incredible new show!


UPDATE: Outland starts on ABC1 at 9:30pm, Wednesday February 8th 2012 !

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