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Students deliver high tech air travel of the future

Airbus has held its Fly Your Ideas competition and the ideas that came for the this year are just incredible.

Check out the winners and runners up.

FYI Airbus 2015 05 BOLLEBOOSEFly Your Ideas finalist Team BOLLEBOOS – from City University London, UK – has put forward its pioneering WEGO system that picks up energy during taxiing reducing on ground emissions and saving energy.

Panels on the terminal convert solar into energy thats picked up by receivers in the nose wheel through points in the tarmac.

FYI Airbus 2015 04 RETROLLEY
Team RETROLLEY from the University of São Paulo, Brazil – a finalist in Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas competition – has tackled the issue of reducing waste in-flight and cutting down the time taken to collect and sort rubbish post-flight.

03 MULTIFUN Still 04 300DPI
Among the five finalists for Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas competition is Team MULTIFUN from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands – whose idea sees plane wings dressed in a composite skin that harvests energy from natural vibrations or flex in the wings.

FYI Airbus 2015 02 BIRDPORT
Team BIRDPORT from the University of Tokyo, Japan – one of five finalists for Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas challenge – proposes deploying a flock of drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to guide birds from airports to a comfortable habitat nearby

Fly Your Ideas finalist Team AFT-BURNER-REVERSER – from Northwestern Polytechnical University, China – has applied motion-sensing technology from a gaming console to an aircraft guidance system for use when taxiing.

The future by Airbus Smart Tech Zone 01
Morphing seats can harvest a passenger's body heat to power aircraft systems such as holographic pop-up pods, as shown here in the Airbus Concept Cabin "Smart Tech Zone"

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