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Who’s on when at Mardi Gras Fair Day?

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Here is the latest schedule from the folks at Mardi Gras...  we hope to see you at the Fair with your best smiles on. wil be filming and snapping all the action - so if you see us, come and say hello and wish the world a Happy Mardi Gras!


ANZ Stage

Times and acts are subject to change

10.00am                                DJ David DC

10.45                                      Welcome to Country

11.15                                      Joel Leffler and band

11.30                                      NSW Police Band

12noon                                  Mardi Gras season launched by Lord Mayor Clover Moore and including the Mardi Gras Festival Showcase including A Night of Kings, Lady Sing it Better, the Margaritas, extracts from the musical   Thrill Me, Glace Chase, Dean Arcuri   and Frisky and Mannish.

1.00pm                                  Min Davis and Mitchell Kwantin

1.20                                         Joel Sarakula and band

1.40                                         Host Shauna Jensen introduces...

1.45                                         Tarasi Vushe

2.05                                         The Lucky Wonders

2.20                                         The Phonies

2.40                                         Anthony Defina and dancers

3.00                                         Ivri Lider

3.20                                         Aussie Pole Boys

3.30                                         Andy and Adrian from JoyFM introduce Picture: Andy and Adrian

3.30                                         Lucasonic

3.50                                         Leroy The Band

4.25                                         Doggywood Final – Best In Show

4.35                                         Charmaine Bingwa and band

5.00                                         Maxi Shield introduces...

5.00                                         Gaydar present Mr and Mrs Fair Day

5.05                                         AXN Next Gay Cover Model final

5.20                                         Rocco and Dancers

5.30                                         11 Eleven Productuions

5.50                                         Sabrina Batshon

6.10                                         Bobby the First and dancers

6.30                                         DJ Kitty Glitter


Gaydar Stage Times and acts are subject to change

10.05am                                Sydney Homotones

10.50                                      Sullivan Street

11.00                                      On Four jazz trio

11.20                                      The Skanques

11.35                                      Rani’s Fire

12noon                                  Mardi Gras official launch on ANZ Stage

1.00pm                                  Lauren Butler and Gavin Leahey

1.15                                         Honi

1.30                                         Jenny Biddle

1.45                                         Fiona   Magee

2.00                                         Host Miss 3D introduces...

2.05                                         Gerard Woodward and Georgina Cottle

2.20                                         Cherry Bomb

2.40                                         Bonney Read

3.00                                         Julian Kuo

3.20                                         Aimee Angelique and dancers

3.40                                         Aidyn Heyes

4.00                                         Host Gerrard Woodward introduces us to...

4.05                                         Girl Most Likely

4.25                                         Mr Brambles

4.40                                         Brett Every

4.50                                         Hayley Legg

5.00                                         Seelah with Kylie Fisher and Angelina Cicotti

5.20                                         Super Supremes

5.40                                         Live DJs

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