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Midnight Shift Celebrates 29 Years With A Bang

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The grand old dame of nightclubs and bars, the Midnight Shift, tonight celebrated it's 29th birthday with a soiree hosted by the incomparable Maxi Shield and a string of VIP's.

The VIP function brought in not only the Sydney A-list, but a mix of other venues big wigs, celebrity showgirls and performers.

The venue we must say is looking sensational. Gone are the horrible country bails of hay, pool tables and Olympic throw back corrugated tin, and hello to clean surfaces, fresh paint - even the fish tanks in the loos have had a spit polish.

The venue upstairs is back and cleaned up in a fabulous way… and from what we hear its only the beginning of some awesome changes.

The Midnight Shift as a nightclub is definitely back on the map - and the downstairs is also looking fab. We didnt venture downstairs however as the fun from the City Gym Models and the company was too fab to pass up...

The party kicked on into the wee hours, with shows by Maxi Shield, Joyce Maynge and even Mama Shirl came back for a fab number. DJ's Greg Boladian, Dan Murphy and Zac Hennessey played some fab fab fab tunes and we also recall seeing the fabulous Tora Hymen scooting around the VIP party…

The Midnight Shift kicks on into its 30th year, brighter and more vibrant than ever, and is a testament to its staff, performers, DJs and crew.

What are your favourite memories of the past 29 years of the Midnight Shift?

Check out the photos from the VIP event in our photo galleries

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