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Karen Walker Gets The Lead

Popular Will and Grace character Karen Walker is to return in a new new spin-off production.

Multi-award winning actress Megan Mullally confirmed that she has been given the go-ahead from Will and Grace creators and studio executives to stage Karen The Musical.

Mullally made the role of Grace's acidic assistant popular over the course of eight years on the sitcom about a gay man and his female roommate. Though a spin-off series featuring Karen and Jack was mooted, fans have been left disappointed since the show ended in 2006.

"It's being produced by Fox Theatricals," Mullally told the UK publication Pink Paper. "It hasn't been written yet but it is going to happen.

"I'm going to do it wherever I want. I'd like to do it as a limited run in Los Angeles for six weeks, then a limited run in New York and maybe come over to London.

"We have some really funny ideas. It's going to be crazy and outrageous. In the theatre we can do whatever we want. We have everybody's approval. I'm so excited! Karen is returning!"

But Mullally is keeping tight-lipped about a possible appearance from her former partner in crime, Jack.

"There will be one other person from the show [in Karen The Musical], but I don't want to reveal who it is yet..."

Mullally stars in a new big-screen version of Fame, which opens in Australia later this month.


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