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International Drag Day 2009

Pride Week is pretty much over for another year across the globe, but the proud keep on getting prouder, with Drag queens and Kings all over the globe flocking to a new concept in celebration - INTERNATIONAL DRAG DAY! is the official media partner of Drag Day, and we caught up with creator, Adam Stewart, to get the low down on FAAAABULOUS and FIERCE celebration.

So tell us a bit about International Drag Day... Why did you launch this concept?

International Drag Day is a day where all around the world on every gay scene we take this opportunity to celebrate and thank the drag artists that add so much to gay life and culture. This is the reason I launched this concept. I saw that there was no such day or event on an international platform in which we celebrated drag artists. So I went about launching is via my “Drag Queen” fan page on facebook, I thought this would be the best way to reach drag queen fans internationally and for free, as I obviously had no funds to launch the day or event like you would launch any other. The fan page has over 5,000 fans and interest has been greatly received and very positive and is still gaining interest about the event and how they are getting involved.

In your opinion – which country has the best drag?

I would obviously be somewhat biased to my home country the UK, as I think we have some great drag talents such as the retired Lily Savage, Vida Las Vegas, Drag with no name and Lola Lasagne to name but a few. I also live in Birmingham which has a thriving drag scene with many great artists. I would also have to say Australia would be a close second as they certainly have the most fun and outrageous drag queens especially a little know star called Dame Edna Everage as well as giving us one of THE best drag movie and now a stage show ever, “Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert”. 

Do you think Drag differs from region to region, and how do you see your project bringing different drag genre’s together?

If by region to region you mean different countries then definitely, yes. I think each country has their own ideas and qualities of how a drag artist should be, look and perform and I do believe and hope that IDD does bring these different types of drag artists together. Especially Drag Kings, which have to some degree been out of the lime light. I hope this day allows them to shine. I also think it will bring the different genres together through the events that people will put on. Just having a handful of different performers and artists in that sense brings them together, under one roof, for one cause, it is as simple as that.

What specifically is involved in IDD, and how can people get involved?

International Drag Day is what you make it. It works on the premise of the local gay bars and clubs in the gay scenes around the world throwing some kind of event to celebrate the day, that way people can go out and show their support and love for drag artists within their cities around the world. However it can be as simple and as poignant as going out that night, possibly dragging up yourself and supporting the drag talents performing, and showing your appreciation towards them. However of course ideally the bigger the celebration the better and I do urge owners/managers of the bars and clubs as well as local gay community projects to recognise this day and help in the celebration of drag.



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