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Its a massive hit throughout Europe, and this dance brand, like Creamfields, Fierce Angel and Ministry Of Sound is one that makes many a hardcore clubber still look wide eyed and child like - it is of course, Matinee.

The euro-tastic dance brand that is about to take on Australia for the first time.

This June long weekend, HOME - The Venue at Sydneys Darlng Harbour will play host to the first installment of Matinee, and caught up with one of the producers to find out what makes Matinee so special.

What made you decide to bring out Matinee to Australia?
Matinee is inspirational, everyone who's been to a Matinee event has raved about it, it's reached my ears so many times, i just couldn't say no!

What is the benefit of having a Matinee Party rather than create a locally branded event?

To bring an establish world class event that has been massaged for years to get it just right is very exciting for me... it's really opening my eyes!

What can people who have been to Matinee in Europe expect at the Sydney party?

A super club, super sound, SUPER HOT dancers, and production shipped over directly from Europe... The Matinée team arrive in a few days to start the set up...

Tell us about your international headline DJ - what have they done to make them a headliner?
G-Martin is a Matinée All Star DJ, he travels the world playing at most of the Matinée events, his sound will keep you dancing until the sun comes up...

Is Matinee a purely gay party - or is it a party for all club goers?
it's not purely gay, but it has a big gay influence, the crowd will be beautiful and ready to party.

Are there any secrets you can let us in on regarding Matinee's first Sydney party?
be there!

so there you have it - Matinee - proudly supported by, will be on at Home Nightclub, June Long weekend… tickets are selling incredibly fast - so don't miss out!

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