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Mardi Gras Announces 2011 Dates

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In a smart move, Mardi Gras has announced its 2011 dates earlier than expected post the 2010 parade and party split season, hopefully to encourage more international visitors to the event, and to give everyone more time to plan and become involved in the festival and major events.

The 2011 dates, for your calendar are: (and we have been informed you can PEN these in, not just pencil)

Queer Thinking                                   February 19th 2011
Fair Day                                              February 20th 2011
Harbour ’11                                       February 27th 2011
Parade                                           March 5th 2011
Party                                               March 5th 2011

The date announcement comes on the back of a General Meeting on 11th April at which NMG announced that our survey of over two thousand NMG and community members had delivered a substantial majority in favour of putting the Parade and Party back on the same night (59% to 22%).

To all you internationals, get onto your flights and accommodation now! The 2011 season is going to be one not to miss!

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