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Fierce Angel w/ The Freemasons

It felt like I had spent the entire New Year week at the IVY complex, with multiple parties on night after night, totally different crowds, DJS and lineups, but the Sunday evening Fierce Angel New Years Eve "comedown" - "comeup" recovery or party on was the highlight of the New Years Period.

A totally mixed crowd, you had older 'KMart gays' mixed in with the explosion of a general pants store that is the younger twanky crowd… you know, Chinese slippers, tight tight jeans and Nicole Ritchie sunglasses… but it was so mixed that it was really comfortable for everyone on board what at times looked like the love boat.

DJ Wayne G was awesome - as usual, and was joined on stage by one of our favourite vocalists, Mary Kiani - who has recently immigrated from the UK to Australia… but no offence to any DJ there, you were all FAB and bringing your A-Games, but the Freemasons totally tore the roof off the place!

Although at times the Freemasons sound like their CDs, you have to keep remembering that these boys PRODUCE nearly all the stuff they play, its anthem after anthem.

Their ability to read the crowd and environment was stunning - even syncing "Here Comes The Rain Again" remix when it started to drizzle - perfection.

From Whitney remixes to their Mardi Gras moments, it was, at times, like the air was sucked out of the room thanks to the 'gay gasps' that engulfed everyone each time a new track came on.

Musically Fierce Angel was kick ass. The only negative about the day was that is was a little chilly and that made it harder to physically warm up and get into the party spirit - but that is the venue more than the party…

We give Fierce Angel 5/5.


Check out the PHOTO GALLERIES from Fierce Angel.

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