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REVIEW: Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once - London O2 Arena

Its been a while between drinks for me and La Minogue. The last concert I saw was Aphrodite, so naturally I was super excited when she announced concerts in London while I was there on holidays - one of which was on Monday night (and the only free space in my itinerary).

The O2 is a massive space (about the same 20,0000 seating capacity as Allphones Arena in Sydney) and Minogue certainly made her presence felt - no small feat given that as a rule, Minogues are smaller than munchkins!

Over the years, Kylie has given us some terrific entrances (my favourite being lowered down from the roof on an anchor in the Light Years tour in 2000) and this tour she did not disappoint. Kylie emerged through the floor of the stage writhing around on a set of bright red, lit up lips singing Le Sex.

A big part of a Kylie show is what she wears and again, she did not disappoint with costumes by Marchesa, Dolce and Gabbana, Gaultier and Christian Laboutin. William Baker was back as Kylie's creative director and stylist and what can I say other than when the two of them put a show together, it's pure pop magic. And snaps to Sydney performer Ashley Swift who was credited in the program for creating some of the dancers' costumes (I am assuming that Swift was responsible for the fabulous foam headpieces worn by the dancers in the 80s medley.

Kylie embraces her past in this show - especially the 80s material and I squealed like a little girl when she did I Should Be So Lucky (in a white feather filled bath tub), Got To Be Certain, Never Too Late and Hand on Your Heart.

The staging was quite simple - some cleverly constructed scaffolding and about a Zillion lasers creating a very dramatic and showy backdrop presenting the princess of pop at her best.

Minogue has always been quite humble on stage and was both genuine and endearing, thanking Monday night's audience at the O2 for their support throughout the years and for always making her so welcome in her second home of London.

Kiss Me Once is Kylie's 14th concert tour and is a 6 act offering which finishes with All The Lovers and a giant snow cannon covering the entire stage in white. Kylie always delivers and this is no exception. She is slick, professional and always allows the audience to see who she really is. I for one, will be there again when she brings the show to Sydney, Australia.

Viva la Minogue!!!
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