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Summer Gay Day 2008

In it's second year - Summer Gay Day has had to battle against massive festivals, Like Global Gathering held on the same weekend - and the team obviously downsized accordingly to cater for a smaller boutique crowd. Unfortunately with the weather added into the equation - the crowd was incredibly small - but very friendly and very fun.

Most people got sniffed by the police dogs at LEAST five times whilst outside the venue - to then not only have them come inside and further sniff the crowds... one would think that the poor police didn't hit their quota for drug busts outside to justify the expense of the operation that they ventured inside - which is rare for these types of events... having said that - the police on duty were lovely folk and obviously just there to do their job - but realistically - for the crowd size, the presence was just ridiculous - glad to see tax payers dollars are being so wisely spent!

Aside form the doggies and the police, the crowd got going to the ever glamorous Kate Monroe, who as a local - shone above all the imported DJ's and "names" on the bill... its a hard ask to consistently deliver a killer line up - but when one is currently spoiled for choice with the five million festivals out there - you would think the GLBTI promoters would raise above the norm and deliver something exceptional... what do you think? is it the promoters or is it the fact that the gay community is so blase about events that no one could ever deliver a value for ticket price event? I personally would love to hear your thoughts.... (put em down below in the comments section)

From a production stand point - the footprint was smaller than last year, and lots of folk didn't rock up so it was patchy and sparse as far as punters go - but for an outdoor dance party its still a cute and novel concept. If the team can keep on doing it (financially) - i hope there are more summer gay days to come and that y'all go out and have fun there - cos it is something unique on our calendar, and something everyone complains does not exist... well it does - it might rain on yo ass, but at least you will have a ball (or two)!

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