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VS Metro Turbo-Pro

Since metro-sexuality beame all the rage a few years back, the gay scene for inexplicable reasons, has gone ultra grunge... and now, seems to be getting over that phase (thank god). In an attempt to clean up the community, i have been focussing on a range of tech items that can preen, clip and zip you into fashion asap.

The Metro Turbo Pro from Vidal Sassoon is just one package that you cant ignore. A total system for hair grooming it comes with all the new techie bells and whistles that VS has in bucketfuls.

Without confusing you or being too hard to operate, the turbo pro has in built combs (instead of hundreds of attachments) - pluys only TWO attachments to give you all the flexibility you could ever need.

The thing i love most about this system is that it has at least 50% more power than most others, getting rid of that awful feeling that you might 'lob' something off or do yourself some damage... this baby has the grunt to chop through the densest of forests!

With 28 precision settings you cant go wrong - it looks hot, handles well and has all the bits and bobs you will need to get rid of that hideous grunge look and bring yourself into a new decade with style.


Retails for $72.95 at all good stockists.


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