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Metro Straightener

A product that claims to be both Metro and a Straightener? Insert obvious jokes here!

But seriously - this little beauty is the FIRST male dedicated hair straightener in the Aussie market...  no longer will you have to steal your girlfriends tools to get those iron board looks.

I saw this guy out last weekend - and to say that he thought he was fashionable was an understatement... now i did say HE thought he was fashionable...

Bleach blonde hair, in what could only be described as a tribute to Kate Goslin... (business up front - party in the back birds nest) - far too much eyeliner, even for a drag queen, incredibly tight jeans, and chinese slippers...  now seriously - if thats fashion - then shoot me now.

The relevance to this review i hear you scream? I in my warpped sense of humour wanted to rush up to this creature and tell him about the Metro Straigtener, not only cos it would have sorted out that train wreck of a hair style in a snap! Not having long hair to play with myself, i submitted a friend to the useage of this device... smaller than your girlier counterparts, it actually handles really well, the technology behind the device will see many a lady wanting to use this little machine too...

Its dual voltage allows even seasoned travellers to get the up on needing more plugs and adapters and means you can look your best anywhere you go.

Its compact design would also work well on those with medium to short hair (i say around 1.5 inches would be workable for curly/wavey hair).

Best of all, it's price!


Retails for $22.95 at all good stockists.

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