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App: ParkWatch

Ever parked in the city or anywhere else for that matter and been pissed off at over zealous parking officers, or annoyed at other drivers that sew up the parking for everyone?
Well a sydney based web development team (who have come up with some fabulous concepts over the years - and for us gays are a Darlo based crew) have come up with an anti establishment app to rival all others!
The ParkWatch will not only help you find a great park, but will keep you on top of those pesky parking officers mapping the location of every reported officer - so you can help the cause or just find out… it is a community app so participation is welcomed.

We like the rebellious by nature - whilst not flaunting the laws - its more like taking it back to the roots of community interaction and helping a fellow driver than 'sticking it to the man'…

With the state of parking in urban centres, or regional areas, this app is sure to take off, and best of all its free!

Cost:  Free
Dev:  Mondoweb
Location: Australia
Download:  itunes


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