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iClip Automatic

With the old adage of pluck one and ten will grow back in it's place, every gay man under the sun these days is starting to sport a slightly grungier look.

Now I am not sure if its because metrosexuality has caused more than a little a little joke on our straight fashion conscious friends (whoever decided chinese slippers, tight half cut denim shorts and Nicole Ritchie glasses looked good on any man should be shot) but the grunge look is in baby, and unfortunately a lot of us are not doing it properly.

What we need is an all in one tool that can shape, clip, trim, style and help us with the flick of a wrist, wether it be solid or limp… and luckily, the Vidal Sassoon team have come to the rescue (and just in time for Christmas) with the new iClip.

Now what's there to brag about a clipper you ask? Well not much really, but the iClip is a serious tool for anyone serious about looking hot this summer.

The best thing I love about the system - after trailing is extensively, is the fact that there are no grubby little attachments, no need to clear out an entire cupboard to store the device, and best of all, your system can TRAVEL with you, wherever you go.

The all-in-one design is functional, and best of all, aside from all the hype - it actually bloody works.

Many many clippers on the market, promise all, and deliver nothing. The iClip is one sexy beast, and delivers more than you could want.

The only downside to the iClip is that its a tad weighty on the palm when shaping, so you do get a good workout to get the intricate detail some of you may want… but I hear they have another version in this series that is smaller (but we will review that later!)

A rechargeable pod makes for easy bench top access and battery replenishment and like all good toys for boys, it's self lubing, so you never need those little bottles of gunk to gets your gears greased.

The stylish design, LCD display and hair type sensors make this one very smart machine and an essential part of your totally body grooming regime.

The VS Sassoon For Men iClip Automatic retails for $99.95
and is available at all good stockists.

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