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Mike Ruiz to launch App version of Pretty Masculine

Take a world class photographer, who is his own right is a global superstar, add in a bunch of hunky blokes, some very creative peeps and a little dash of mobile technology, and you have a stunning new app.

That's right - the famed "Pretty Masculine" series by Mike Ruiz is coming to an app - not just a slideshow of hunky men painted up and blamed to an inch of their pumped bodies, but an in depth interactive experience that will take you behind the scenes of the shoots, up close with the creatives and inside where few ever get to go.

In his most recent iteration of the "Pretty Masculine" project, Mike Ruiz now delves further into his subconscious. As he continues to explore the inner recess of his psyche, "Pretty Masculine" extends out into the ethos and speaks to the photographer's digital audience, incarnated as an App. In so doing, we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor in a most palpable manner.

Check out this sneak peek of the app, which is due to hit digital app stores in October - you can join Mike's Official Group for all the latest news, info, pics and vids too - direct from the man himself!

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