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New reply features on Instagram

Starting today, you can reply to stories with a photo or video.

From selfies to Boomerangs, now you can be even more fun and playful when you respond to friends.

To reply with a photo or a video, tap the new camera button while you’re watching a story.

You can use any creative tools in the camera, including face filters, stickers and Rewind.

Replies also include a sticker of the story that you can move around and resize.

When a friend replies to your story with a photo or a video, you’ll see it in your inbox.

You can tap to view it and also see a sticker of the original story that’s only visible to you. As with disappearing photos and videos in Direct, your friends will know when you’ve taken a screenshot or replayed a reply.

Instagram version 10.28 and above will roll it out.

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Turn Off Facebook Auto Play on Video

Are you getting annoyed at the new auto-play videos on your pc or laptop on Facebook,For iOS scroll to bottom of page. Then I have the solution!

Here we will show you how to turn auto-play videos off, first login to Facebook. Next click the little arrow in the top right of the screen like in the image

and navigate to settings, next click on "Videos" at the bottom,

Here you can turn auto-play videos on or off, select off and your done.

For iphone and ipad users do the following:

  • Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down and tap on Facebook.
  • Now tap on Settings.
  • Under the Video section, turn On the option for Auto-play on WiFi only.

  • For android devices

    For android devices, open facebook on your device, slide screen to right, click on settings. Click on "only play video on Wifi". Essential option otherwise facebook will eat data on a mobile plan/ on.

    This will only turn auto-play videos off when using your data connection and not over wifi.

    Now you can enjoy scrolling through your Facebook feed without them annoying auto-play videos...  better still, rock on over and check out the video section!  lol


    LaQuisha's Odyssey may be the Gayme of the year - we hope!


    There are a squillion Kickstarter, Pozible and various crowd funding campaigns out there - so much so that it's all a bit too much - but this little gem from New Zealand's hairy, hirsuite diva LaQuisha Redfern has caught our eye!


    A pixel style 80's game, the Odyssey will delight GAY-mers of all levels we think - but it needs to get some legs financially before it can hit your device.


    Kickstarter is the chosen funding platform for the bearded one - and you can contribute if you like the idea, the rewards on offer (yep - you can get stuff for donating!) or even want to get a beta version of the game.


    We love the idea - it's Leisure Suit Larry meets Priscilla, and you know thats gonna deliver some laughs.


    The game witll be available on the following platforms:

    PC, MAC, iOS, Android, Linux


    You can check out the campaign on Kickstarter.

    We look forward to giving it a review on when it comes out!

    You can friend LaQuisha on



    Mike Ruiz to launch App version of Pretty Masculine

    Take a world class photographer, who is his own right is a global superstar, add in a bunch of hunky blokes, some very creative peeps and a little dash of mobile technology, and you have a stunning new app.

    That's right - the famed "Pretty Masculine" series by Mike Ruiz is coming to an app - not just a slideshow of hunky men painted up and blamed to an inch of their pumped bodies, but an in depth interactive experience that will take you behind the scenes of the shoots, up close with the creatives and inside where few ever get to go.

    In his most recent iteration of the "Pretty Masculine" project, Mike Ruiz now delves further into his subconscious. As he continues to explore the inner recess of his psyche, "Pretty Masculine" extends out into the ethos and speaks to the photographer's digital audience, incarnated as an App. In so doing, we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor in a most palpable manner.

    Check out this sneak peek of the app, which is due to hit digital app stores in October - you can join Mike's Official Group for all the latest news, info, pics and vids too - direct from the man himself!


    Apple Rumoured to shrink connector on new iPhone

    A French website has claimed that the new iPhone 5 will shrink its connector down to a smaller pin count - thus rendering all accessories you may have purchased for previous devices useless.

    The current 30-pin port used on the iPhone and iPad is common place on all accessories like docks, alarm clocks, players, stereos and more - so its not going to make Apple very popular with its massive userbase if it does go down this path. (Remember VHS to DVD To Blu-Ray to 3D...  alot of annoyed people, even if it does generate new streams of income for companies. hmmm)

    The new connector is said to be a 19-pin port, though rumours have also suggested 9-pin and 8-pin ports.

    However, the leaked connector has 16 pins. This could still be consistent with the 8-pin rumour, since the connector is double sided with eight on each side. Apple has not confirmed any pin number, making it difficult to determine the legitimacy of the photo on that basis alone. But it does make you think - will Apple risk annoying its user base when other phone and device brands are starting to take hold in the market - potentially losing them a lions share of the business.

    As early adopters of technology the LGBTI market has a good stake in the Apple process - what do you think of this possible scenario? Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone during a special event on September 12. Rumours suggesting that it will then launch later in September are also gaining traction across tech blogs and sites.


    Maxi Shield Drags Queens into the tech future.

    Leading Australian Drag identity, Maxi Shield has today launched her very own android based app.

    Tight and useful, the app will showcase videos from the performer, her bio, contacts and of course her ever popular blog, as well as a gig guide where she is performing each and every week.

    Maxi's plans for app space domination also include an iPhone and iPad compatible app - which will be launched shortly. Developed by Rob Manser (also a part of the team) - the app is sleek and functional. a must for any fan, friend and party animal on the planet!

    You can grab the app for your Android on the marketplace.

    Check out Maxi's official website at

    Join Maxi's official Group on


    App: ParkWatch

    Ever parked in the city or anywhere else for that matter and been pissed off at over zealous parking officers, or annoyed at other drivers that sew up the parking for everyone?
    Well a sydney based web development team (who have come up with some fabulous concepts over the years - and for us gays are a Darlo based crew) have come up with an anti establishment app to rival all others!
    The ParkWatch will not only help you find a great park, but will keep you on top of those pesky parking officers mapping the location of every reported officer - so you can help the cause or just find out… it is a community app so participation is welcomed.

    We like the rebellious by nature - whilst not flaunting the laws - its more like taking it back to the roots of community interaction and helping a fellow driver than 'sticking it to the man'…

    With the state of parking in urban centres, or regional areas, this app is sure to take off, and best of all its free!

    Cost:  Free
    Dev:  Mondoweb
    Location: Australia
    Download:  itunes



    Metro Straightener

    A product that claims to be both Metro and a Straightener? Insert obvious jokes here!

    But seriously - this little beauty is the FIRST male dedicated hair straightener in the Aussie market...  no longer will you have to steal your girlfriends tools to get those iron board looks.

    I saw this guy out last weekend - and to say that he thought he was fashionable was an understatement... now i did say HE thought he was fashionable...

    Bleach blonde hair, in what could only be described as a tribute to Kate Goslin... (business up front - party in the back birds nest) - far too much eyeliner, even for a drag queen, incredibly tight jeans, and chinese slippers...  now seriously - if thats fashion - then shoot me now.

    The relevance to this review i hear you scream? I in my warpped sense of humour wanted to rush up to this creature and tell him about the Metro Straigtener, not only cos it would have sorted out that train wreck of a hair style in a snap! Not having long hair to play with myself, i submitted a friend to the useage of this device... smaller than your girlier counterparts, it actually handles really well, the technology behind the device will see many a lady wanting to use this little machine too...

    Its dual voltage allows even seasoned travellers to get the up on needing more plugs and adapters and means you can look your best anywhere you go.

    Its compact design would also work well on those with medium to short hair (i say around 1.5 inches would be workable for curly/wavey hair).

    Best of all, it's price!


    Retails for $22.95 at all good stockists.


    VS Metro Turbo-Pro

    Since metro-sexuality beame all the rage a few years back, the gay scene for inexplicable reasons, has gone ultra grunge... and now, seems to be getting over that phase (thank god). In an attempt to clean up the community, i have been focussing on a range of tech items that can preen, clip and zip you into fashion asap.

    The Metro Turbo Pro from Vidal Sassoon is just one package that you cant ignore. A total system for hair grooming it comes with all the new techie bells and whistles that VS has in bucketfuls.

    Without confusing you or being too hard to operate, the turbo pro has in built combs (instead of hundreds of attachments) - pluys only TWO attachments to give you all the flexibility you could ever need.

    The thing i love most about this system is that it has at least 50% more power than most others, getting rid of that awful feeling that you might 'lob' something off or do yourself some damage... this baby has the grunt to chop through the densest of forests!

    With 28 precision settings you cant go wrong - it looks hot, handles well and has all the bits and bobs you will need to get rid of that hideous grunge look and bring yourself into a new decade with style.


    Retails for $72.95 at all good stockists.



    iClip Automatic

    With the old adage of pluck one and ten will grow back in it's place, every gay man under the sun these days is starting to sport a slightly grungier look.

    Now I am not sure if its because metrosexuality has caused more than a little a little joke on our straight fashion conscious friends (whoever decided chinese slippers, tight half cut denim shorts and Nicole Ritchie glasses looked good on any man should be shot) but the grunge look is in baby, and unfortunately a lot of us are not doing it properly.

    What we need is an all in one tool that can shape, clip, trim, style and help us with the flick of a wrist, wether it be solid or limp… and luckily, the Vidal Sassoon team have come to the rescue (and just in time for Christmas) with the new iClip.

    Now what's there to brag about a clipper you ask? Well not much really, but the iClip is a serious tool for anyone serious about looking hot this summer.

    The best thing I love about the system - after trailing is extensively, is the fact that there are no grubby little attachments, no need to clear out an entire cupboard to store the device, and best of all, your system can TRAVEL with you, wherever you go.

    The all-in-one design is functional, and best of all, aside from all the hype - it actually bloody works.

    Many many clippers on the market, promise all, and deliver nothing. The iClip is one sexy beast, and delivers more than you could want.

    The only downside to the iClip is that its a tad weighty on the palm when shaping, so you do get a good workout to get the intricate detail some of you may want… but I hear they have another version in this series that is smaller (but we will review that later!)

    A rechargeable pod makes for easy bench top access and battery replenishment and like all good toys for boys, it's self lubing, so you never need those little bottles of gunk to gets your gears greased.

    The stylish design, LCD display and hair type sensors make this one very smart machine and an essential part of your totally body grooming regime.

    The VS Sassoon For Men iClip Automatic retails for $99.95
    and is available at all good stockists.

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