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Personal Lubricants might not be an area where major developments come along frequently, but really, when you hit your preferred product as a teenager, you usually stick with it for life! lol…  well now, there are a fair few lubes out there that will make any love making (coupled, solo or other) that much better!

One such lube appearing on the market in a viral way is the tube of white gold from Jeff at Str8cam!


Who would have thought it would take a straight dude who does porn for guys (and girls - but who we kiddin - its mainly guys who watch this muscly super hunk, so much so many would have a sex change just for a chance! haha) but seriously, Jeff is onto a winning formula with Str8CamLube!

str8cam-lube-hybrid-2-ounce-59-mlA white gel (that remarkably looks like the end product) that gives you much needed slickness, without stickiness, gloop or other downsides that come with many lubes.

Cosmetically, its great for anyone with sensitive skin, those that hate lube, will love this! Its not overly "petrol" or clingy… it will wash off easily, but you don't need a tonne of it to get the job done.

It does not feel like your covering yourself with a plastic byproduct either…

The lube itself stands on its own two feet as one of the standout products in the market, and for the boys who love to watch a bit of internet porn, it comes with a fantastic marketing "tool" - Jeff's.  lol

You can drool and slick up, at

Jeff ships internationally and its cheap as chips!