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Cahill gets their Daywash on

So you have wondered who has been doing all those awesome remixes and productions that were challenging your obsession with The Freemasons, well I can tell you now, that nearly every smash hit dance remake, original or ultra fabulous remix is from the talented collective that is CAHILL (pronounced "ka-hill") is a proud partner of the upcoming DAYWASH ON TOUR around Australia, and CAHILL is coming out to Oz for the entire experience… if that's not enough to convince you to run out and buy your tickets to the shows in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney for this Long Long weekend in Australia (if you can get some - they are selling like hot cakes!) - then hold on to your ass, cos Guidetogay's Rob Manser caught up with Tim Condran, one part of the fabulous outfit to chat about their past, present, touring with DAYWASH and what we can expect from CAHILL in the near future!

Cahill is a collective of talented people - tell us how you came together and who fulfills what roles in the group.
We all came together some 4 years ago via the record label Anton & I run, 3Beat in the UK, it’s really as simple as that! We are very much a team & tend to do most things together. All for one & one for all as they say!

Your renowned for your brilliant productions and remixes… everyone has their own favourite - but out of all the releases you have had - as the DJ from your outfit, what would be your favourite to play to a party crowd?
This obviously changes over time, but I our all time classics are probably ‘Agnes – Release Me’, ‘Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love’ & ‘Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow’. Nicole Scherzinger – Don’t Hold your breath is currently the biggest in our box!

Your group is named after a talented football player - whats the back-story to that!?
Haha yes, Australian International & Everton Player Tim Cahill. Basically when ‘Trippin on you’ started to blow up, we needed a name, Anton is an Everton fan & suggested Cahill after his favorite player Tim Cahill. We all really like the name despite the fact Scott is a Swansea Fan and I’m a Liverpool Fan!!

Daywash is an iconic Australian event - what can punters expect from your sets on the tour?
I would like to think we will bring a great blend of cahill productions, be it New, Current & Classic mixed in with some great pop dance & quality house!

Apart from appearing at DAYWASH, what other things would you love to do whilst downunder?
As I type this, its 2 weeks away & I haven’t made my plans yet, See some old friends in Sydney hopefully, visit a few Australian label contacts & of course walk the harbour bridge, visit the zoo, etc. I really want to see as much as possible!

Out of your own remixes and productions, what in your opinion is your top 10?
This is a tough one, but here goes in no order…

1.       Chris Brown – Forever

2.       Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne – Let It Rock

3.       Agnes – Release Me

4.       Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow

5.       The Saturdays – Work

6.       Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor

7.       Cheryl Cole – Fight For the Love

8.       Zoe Badwi – Release Me

9.       Far East Movement – Like A G6

10.   Nicole Scherzinger – Don’t Hold Your Breath

Your all not afraid to touch the world of bubblegum pop and "dance" it up several notches - do you think pop music lends itself better to dance than other genres?
To an extent yes, The format on which each style / genre is build is very similar, so it’s no surprise. A great dance track & a great pop track will have a lot of similarities, but the most important is always the song! That’s why strong pop songs can become great dance tracks as well, as a rule anyway J

You have worked with Aussies, Zoe Badwi and Gabriella Cilmi - are there any other Aussies you would love to remix for?
Yes we love Gabriella & Zoe! Hopefully we will work with them again at some point, as for someone new, It’s would have to be Kylie! That’s an easy one!

What can we expect from Cahill post your Australian adventure? Any new releases?
We have several tracks that we need to finish, hopefully a few will surface in time for the European Summer! That’s the plan!

Daywash on tour is selling fast, so grab your tickets now before they disappear from


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