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Superstar Brandy Gets Out Diva'd At Gay Pride

It's not uncommon for superstars to frequent Pride parties, Mardi Gras and other iconic gay events (more so in the states due to the ease of travel!) but this past week, Superstar Brandy was upstaged by a superfan at San Jose Gay Pride!


The gentleman in question was brought up on stage "serenade" style by the diva singer, and he totally stole the show! We give this performance 10 out of 5 for "Oh My God - She diiiiin't" factor! Its just h.i-larious.


It's not uncommon for a female singer to pull a male out of the crowd, but they gays do respond a little differently!  lol


Oh, and can I mention just HOW FABULOUS does Brandy sound??? Those pipes are tremendous! 







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