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Freemasons: 'Shakedown 2'

Having co-written and produced Kylie's 'The One', given Kelly Rowland's 'Work' a hit remix, and teamed up with Sophie Ellis-Bextor for 'Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)', Freemasons have had a hand in three of the best dance-pop singles of the last 18 months. The lads have been working their asses off not only in the studio, but on tour - with their sensational appearance at this years Mardi Gras Party...

The 2 disc offering is funnily enough only on offer from the local distributor as an import - i would think that they would want to print thousands of these discs locally and get it to stay at the top of the charts for the longest time as this album will cross over all areas - from dance enthusiasts, to gyms, workout routines, loungerooms, parramata car stereos - you name it - its a dance party just waiting to happen. And you get that with disc 2 - a fully mixed session, offering up over an hour of continuous music.

Highlights include a cool electro-house remix of Ultra Naté's 'Free', a sinewy, clubby take on Eurythmics' 'Here Comes The Rain Again', and a fairly astonishing version of 'Ring The Alarm', which turns one of Beyoncé's most underrated singles into a blistering wronged woman anthem (these guys make the over exposed Beyonce bearable - DARN!)

The interesting thing about Shakedown 2, is that it DOES have its low points, but for the Freemasons, that is still standing on your tippy toes "up up up"... so dont put this album on if you intend to sit down... its definately a disc that will capture a precise moment in music history, and they really have their unique style and sound right throughout this release, so much so it is bound to become a pop culture defining release.

Stick your hands in the air and get ready to sweat those goosebumps away.


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