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altThey are the most hotly anticipated releases from the Fierce Angel stable globally, and there is no wonder why - with the dance label powerhouse consistently delivering compilations of some of the most sight after tunes in the dance music arena.

The quality that Fierce Angel brings to its events globally, is also replicated on this release, right down to the artwork.

The great thing with FA, is that you know that even though its primarily made upon their own releases, its a great balance thats struck between self promotion (of artists that would make ANY good compilation disc) and tracks that may not be owned by their own label.

The other thing that stands out about Disco V is of course the inclusion of Australia's own powerhouse due - The Oxford Hustlers, with their remix of Bassmonkeys Ft. Lyck - Embrace My Heart. LOVE LOVE LOVE! There is even a Deni Hines track too boot!

Two discs crammed full of FA style Disco is always a good thing - and this one is a great educator of newer and classic tracks, all given the slick production oomph and presence that these songs would demand on the dance floor.

Throw in a few Katherine Ellis tracks for good measure and baby you've sold me. Like with all dance music discs, there are names you don't know - but really, this disc is a good way to find out what rocks and what should be listened too.

Compiled by FA head honcho - Mark Doyle - he has slam dunked this one.


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