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Dare is a little hidden gem, right in the heart of the extended rocks markets, where any gluten intolerant being can stop off and indulge in the naughtier side of life without killing themselves.
Gluten free food is a hard thing to find in Sydney  and those of you that don't know what it is, it is food that does not contain gluten (der) but no flour, wheat, oats, barley etc… all these grains contain a protein called gluten which can cause some major damage!

So that means pastries, breads, cakes, and all the other treats most folk take for granted are off limits, unless made with other flours like rice, etc… and Dare has a gourmet experience to not only make the no gluten folk happy - but anyone that wants to eat healthier!

Caramel and Walnut Slice, Raspberry and Cocnut Slice and Chocolate Brownies - all gluten free are soooo tasty. Little slices of heaven, and they may go straight to your thighs but its well worth the flavour hit!

Other standouts are the GF Pide, Gluten Free Beer and the yummy tuna bake.

check it out next time your taking some visitors down for the sightseeing - or if you want to check out the rocks market, its a great place for lunch!

Shop 22/The Rocks Centre Playfair Street, The Rocks, NSW 2000