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Vegie Bar

380 Brunswick Street

Fitzroy, Melbourne 

Victoria 3065 Australia

Reviewed: 3rd May 2009


Vegie Bar, located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy was a nice find. The atmosphere was fresh, funky, yet rustic without being dirty... a bit like the entire street. It was a brilliant find for me in particular as the menu offered up litterally every option as Gluten Free, which makes dining out rather difficult. Being a Vegie restaurant, that does not use any meat products what so ever, it was a real pleasure to find that they also managed to keep the intense flavours in the foods.

Our party of 5 managed to all try something unique and different and also had starters, mains, drinks (yes a nice house white, which was a Melbourne blend, and actually VERY tasty), all for under $120 for all of us.

The relaxed atmosphere may not be right for some as it really isnt an uptight restaurant vibe... at times its loud, brash and busy, but that just added to the appeal for me. Even the lovely single seated lass at the end of our massive table offered up her Pizza to Pete so he could taste it before ordering - now that was brilliant!

Vegie Bar was a nice expereience, and considering we walked in off the street at about 11pm on a Sunday night, a=made it even more impressive... the staff her honest, fun and although not dedicated to particular tables or sections, seemed to know what was going where with no stuff ups whatsoever.

Vegie Bar is a great option for anyone in the area, or definitely worth the trek to Fitzroy for any visitor. 


RATING:  8/10


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