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Polly Cocktail Lounge

401 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Melbourne

VIC 3065 Australia

Open from 5pm everyday.

Ph: 03 9417 0880 

Reviewed: 3rd May 2009 


Heading down to Polly Cocktail Lounge - as we were recommended there by a local Melbournian, was indeed an experience, you instantly walk down Brunswick Street feeling that Newtown has a lot to live up to - a true bohemian experience, where the old is funky, not trashy. But I digress, Polly was a complete joy. A cocktail bar that instantly makes you relax, from the velveteen walls, chandeliers and comfy couches, we stumbled in expecting the best cocktails on the planet - and we definately were not disappointed. From the yummy "Mistress" cocktail to the Burbon Butter (made with Peanut butter) - we kept on finding selections from the 50 odd strong list that we thought we could stump the barmen and eventually ind a bad one - but much to the waitresses delight - we couldn't, and then realised we have probably just been able to pay for a small house in Melbourne for hte amount we consumed... this point was forced home when the wait staff offered up a swag of free "POLLY" chocholates (as they had noticed we had been shopping at every chocolate store in Melbourne that day too!) "You have to have some of ours to go with that lot!" - too true!

With fear in my heart, i went up to the counter to pay the bill - to be completely shocked that between 5 of us - the bill had a total of $200! Now i was impressed... so much so, that i even tipped them - and i am a notorious scrooge!

The staff we brilliant, and even assisted towards the end (It was a sunday night, very late) of where we could finally go to eat some decent food - with many different food restrictions - they knew the area and were happy to share!

Great cocktails, great staff, fantastic venue - Polly has now become a MUST attend destination... and we think would be an awesome stop for any local on a regular basis. Smokers will be happy to, with Cigars on order, and a cute "out front" newly renovated smoking area (which does not bother non smokers).

We give Polly a whopping 10/10. 


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