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I Really Hate My Job

  • Written by  Lisa McMahon
  • Published in Film
Have you ever been stuck in a rut watching your dreams evaporate? 

Trudged through a menial job far too long, telling yourself your luck is going to turn? 

I Really Hate My Job is Australia screen writer Jennifer Higgie’s comic tale of five women working in the claustrophobic confines of a Soho basement cafe. Inside this wasteland for creativity, frustrations are vented, wine aided ideologies extolled and petty arguments are played out as each person tries to console themselves that working here in “this place” is a justifiable means to their artistic ends. 
What they do achieve is a sense of female camaraderie and a sounding board for their crazy dreams and neurotic philosophies.

There is no argument that this is a 100% chick flick, with an all female international ensemble cast. Shirley Henderson from Trainspotting is brilliant as an on the edge of neurosis kitchen hand and unpublished author tormented by a communist lovelorn dishwasher. Sarcastic waitress and aspiring actress Abi, played by Neve Campbell, is facing a black hole of financial and career gloom. Tonight she just really doesn’t care anymore, much to the chagrin of the passive/aggressive café manger Madonna (Anna Maxwell Martin of BBC’s Bleak House). 

Ever upbeat art student Suzie (Romanian actress Alexandra Maria Lara) has great comic timing and drifts through her shift spending more time offering word of wisdom than table service. She is the optimistic glue for this fractured group of women. 

For a low budget film, the acting and writing are stand outs with the complex characters played out at a pace that keeps you involved. If you like films that are dialog based and give you the experience of seeing a play, then I Really Hate My Job is a great pick. 

Dendy Newtown from July 2.
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