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The complete list of Oscar winners for 2016

Well that went on forever didn't it? Every year seems to get longer - or is it that we are starting to get over award shows? meh - anyway - personal gripes aside, Chris Rock nailed it as host and made what could have been an incredibly uncomfrtable ceremony quite fun and took all the issues regarding diversity in his stride. What an acomplishment.

First Look: Thor The Avenger

Thor, the Mighty Avenger, returns to the big screen in Marvel's "Thor: The Dark World" on November 8. Have a sneek peek at the trailer for our favourite hammer weilding super hero.


Liberace biopic snubbed by studios for being 'too gay'.

Steven Soderbergh has said that no studios in Hollywood wanted to touch his upcoming film about the late Liberace, "Behind the Candelabra," because it was "too gay."

The filmmaker was forced to settle with turning his upcoming the biopic of the flamboyant pianist into a TV movie after he was snubbed by every major studio in Hollywood, according to a report on WENN.

The telemovie generated some pre-publicity when pictures surfaced online of Matt Damon with a long blonde wig. 

Damon is portraying the alleged gay lover of the legendary pianist, played by Michael Douglas.

Soderbergh, who won an Oscar in 2001 for his movie "Traffic," said he had approached top movie executives in "every" studio about "Candelabra" but no one was interested in investing the necessary $5 million to produce it.

The rejections came despite the success of "Brokeback Mountain," starring Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Australian actor Heath Ledger, in 2005.

Soderbergh told online title, 

"Nobody would make it. We went to everybody in town. We needed $US5 million. Nobody would do it. They said it was too gay. Everybody. This was after Brokeback Mountain, by the way, which is not as funny as this movie. I was stunned. It made no sense to any of us." 


What we are more excited about is the fact that Matt Damon will be appearing nude in the movie... now thats worth taking the film to theatres across the world for sure!


Pitch Perfect is Acca-Awesome

You would think that a movie that has some really killer jokes in the trailer will only re-deliver those jokes throughout the flick, you know - we show the funniest bits, but really, Pitch Perfect is border line the "clueless" of its generation.


Rebel Wilson scores a perfect "10" for this film, and the rest of the cast are not far behind.


With a funny script, improv from Rebel and a mix of Scary Movie meets clueless, it really is the movie for generation Glee.


Musical Theatre studies is the new 'jock-ocracy" and we join the college bound accapella singers as they try to rebuild the glory days and the fame that comes with it.


Its a tongue in cheek parody flick that pokes fun at both Generation OMG and the style of movies it is itself.


It will have you screaming like a diva in church at the jokes and the oh - so ridiculous setups.


Pitch Perfect is one of those "lightning in a bottle" movies - perfect casting, perfect story and probably never to be repeated.


Its genius, a hole bunch of camp and a whole lots of fun. Acca-awesome.



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