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This would have to be Madonna's best tour ever, and not for the fact that I was fro and centre at Madison Square Garden either… this is truly a fans show - with so many hits and magical reworkings, you will be stunned by the brilliance of this production.

The show, from the dancers agility and pure strength in performance, to Madonna's own never stop, never give less than 100% attitude is what makes this show great.

Give an added dose of amazing staging, production, choreography and lighting and your senses are overloaded.

The only issue i have with the DVD release is that it is slightly "over produced" in the editing and overlay of effects and video packages… i would have loved to have seen this show from two or three key cameras and just let is unfold on screen, as it was spectacular enough as it is without the need for post production.

without rabbiting on for pages about individual details, just go out and buy this release - you will love it, even if your not a fan. This is how a show SHOULD be done and is now the benchmark for all other artists to follow.