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Sydney Raises the Rainbow Flag over Town Hall to launch Mardi Gras 2018.

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The colours of the rainbow are proudly flying over Sydney Town Hall as the city gets set to mark the 40th anniversary of our world-renowned Mardi Gras festival.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore today led an official flag-raising ceremony on the steps of Sydney Town Hall that was attended by Mardi Gras organisers, ‘78ers and key members of the community.

“The rainbow flag is a potent symbol of pride that was born out of political action in the global LGBTIQ community and it just happens to be the same age as our historic Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Flying the iconic flag above Sydney Town Hall continues to raise awareness, highlight important issues that continue to face the LGBTIQ community and acts as an emblem for inclusion.

“We celebrated Australia (and 84% of Sydneysiders) saying ‘Yes’ to marriage equality with a beautiful rainbow waterfall of fireworks cascading from the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve, and we will continue our support for the LGBTIQ community in the months and years to come.”

The raising of the rainbow flag marks the start of 2018 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival. This is the ninth year the international symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) pride has flown over the city’s landmark civic building.

The rainbow flag originated in San Francisco in 1978. Designed by artist Gilbert Baker, it has become a worldwide symbol of gay pride and gay-friendly areas. The red in the flag symbolises life, orange denotes healing, yellow is for sunlight, green represents nature, blue stands for harmony and violet signifies spirit.

Mardi Gras CEO, Terese Casu, said the City has been an important partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for many years.

“The City’s support has helped grow Mardi Gras into the globally recognised beacon of diversity and acceptance that it is today,” Ms Casu said.

“The raising of the rainbow flag proudly over Town Hall signals the beginning Mardi Gras and 17 sparkling days of festival fun. We invite Sydneysiders and visitors alike to join us in this beautiful city to celebrate our historic 40th anniversary Mardi Gras Festival.”

The City is a government partner of Sydney’s Mardi Gras Festival and will fly the rainbow flag above Sydney Town Hall from Friday 16 February until Sunday 4 March when the festival ends.


Bake Off Rises For Another Year

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The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation is rolling out is annual fundraising fete/fair and glam event, the Bake Off For another year at the Paddington Town Hall.

For the second year, this over the top cake-fest has risen into the illustrious venue - from its long and popular history at the Midnight Shift.

The Paddington Town Hall give the event more room, and village fete feel and the space to entertain more punters, and therefore more donations to the Charity.

Last year the event had incredible pieces of bake-art, including a tribute to our good mate, DJ David Hiscock.

Unfortunately, this year, we will not have the talents of Mitzi Macintosh, to preside over the hilarious "cake auction" - but it looks as though regular celebrity foodies, Peter Everett (Ready Steady Cook) and Claire de Lune will be capably ramping up the mic skills.

The bake off is one of the must do events in Sydney - so if you have not been before, we highly recommend it.

Sunday June 6
from 2pm
Paddinton Town Hall
corner of Oxford St and Oatley Rd

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