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Manchester Wins 2012 Bingham Bid

The hotly contested bid between the Sydney Convicts and Manchester Village Spartans to hold the 2012 Bingham Cup - the world cup of Gay Rugby reached Olympic sized hype during its run, with both sides putting up impressive and globally reaching campaigns - engaging a wide audience to the world of gay rubgy.

Alas there is only one winner, and that winner was announced last night (Sydney time) as Manchester UK.

Andrew "Fuzz" Purchas, head of the Sydney Bid said, "Last night IGRAB awarded hosting rights to Manchester for the 2012 Bingham Cup.

"The vote was very close. 34 points to 28. The voting broadly followed a geographic pattern. Europe/East coast and Mid East voting for Manchester and Mid West/West coast and Southern Hemisphere voting for Sydney. There were a couple of exceptions to this.

"This bring to a close a very hard fought but friendly campaign between Manchester and Sydney. Despite being disappointed that we did not win I know that Manchester will do a first rate job. Their bid was fantastic and the support they generated was awesome. We are all looking forward to going to Manchester in 2012.

"Again I would like to thank the mountain of support we have received in putting the bid together. It has introduced gay rugby, IGRAB, the Bingham Cup, the Sydney Convict and Manchester Village Spartans to a lot wider audience and we are extremely encouraged by the passionate support and encouragement we received.

"Thank you everyone who was actively involved in the bid process."

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