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Is Plastic Surgery The New Black?

The gay community can't avoid it - we are getting older... but many of us are not heading for the retirement village, or putting up with the wrinkles, they are heading to the surgeon! Even generation X and Y are getting in on the act to get rid of those smile lines.

Botox parties, or group trips to the injectors are now the trend with the "younger" folk, whilst some of the community are heading overseas for a frshen up - ranging from anything like attaching a bungee jump to the back of their heads, to a little "eyelid rejuvination"... but is this obsession with youth going too far?

Cosmetic surgery has not just come out of hiding - it's blown out of the closet full tit n' minge, with procedures now being social talking points, status symbols and the must have accessory - but for some it has gone too far. One queen was overheard at a club a few months ago commenting on a person who was in a foreign country getting a procedure done... "Oh my lord, she is going to THAT Doctor?.. [name deleted] went to that Doctor - and she was happy to use HER as a reference? She got pulled so tight she now has a beard!".

Holidays and trips abroad are all the rage, with patients being able to even have surgery in their 5-star resort. Go for a break and you too can come back with a new face, and a $5 pirate DVD.

So what does this mean for the community as a whole? Are we now going to be racing to the surgeon just to stay still in the snapshot of time when we were the leaders of the pack? Will it end up exactly like AB FAB? A bunch of oldies dancing around to dull soulless dance music, comparing scars? Or is it a fad that will pull in a select few that really want it?  

Interesting times are ahead, personally I hope that this "trend" disappears as quickly as it came into fashion. But then again, if I had the money (and the craters) then who knows.

What do you think?

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