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Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel married his partner Gunthier Destenay on Friday reports NPR, making him the very first EU leader, and second world leader, to marry a same-sex partner. Bettel is only the second openly gay leader in the EU, with former Belgian Prime Minister Elio di Eupio being the first.


Gay marriage was only recently legalized in Luxembourg, with “Bettel’s party winning a prominent spot in the ruling coalition after campaigning for same-sex marriage.”


“[Same-sex marriage] was previously knocked down in 2007 by the then ruling Christian People’s party, but a poll in 2013 found 83% of Luxembourgers supported a change in the law.


“Little is known about Destenay, who works for the Belgian-Luxembourger architecture firm A3. He has appeared alongside Bettel at a number of official events, including the royal wedding of Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie in 2012.


“What is known is that it was Destenay who proposed, reportedly asking for Bettel’s hand just weeks after Luxembourg’s parliament last July became the ninth EU legislature to lift a ban on gay marriages.”


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According to BBC, Mr. Bettel “was keen to keep his private life out of the public spotlight,” and that the couple will not be going on a honeymoon; Bettel is expected to attend an ecomonoic forum in Kazalhstan.


Congratulations to the happy couple!


h/t: NPR


Conservatives win power but Australians still wanting Marriage Equality


The Tony Abbott led Coalition Government won Australia's federal election on Saturday, replacing pro-mariage equality supporter, Kevin Rudd and his Labor party to run the country for the next three years.


The one clear cut issue this election however, was the massive swing towards support of Marriage Equality for same sex couples, both in the electorate, and according to marriage equality advocates Saturday’s election has seen the number of federal MPs in support of the reform increase.


Australia's new Prime Minister personally does not support euality in marriage, even having a sister who is lesbian, and a party room that does have members vocal in its support for the reform. The leader, before the election campaign, ruled out a conscience vote for his party - making his team members follow his line of choice.


“All the sitting Coalition MPs who said they support marriage equality were returned.” said Rodney Croome, convenor of Austrlian Marriage Equality.


“Thanks to Mr Rudd’s strong support for marriage equality a swath of pro-equality Labor candidates were elected or re-elected despite the trend against the ALP and despite strident anti-gay campaigns against them.”


“In the Lower house the number of declared supporters has increased from 42 to a likely 50, with more expected.”


“We are also pleased to the election of pro-equality Green and independent representatives in both houses.”


“We’re hopeful of assembling a majority in the Senate and take heart that the micro-parties that campaigned hardest against marriage equality will not be represented there.”


“The significance of the increase in supportive MPs is that marriage equality will be achieved not by any one party but by a cross-party conscience vote in which the number of pro-equality MPs is all-important.”


Mr Croome said Australian Marriage Equality is ready to work with supporters in all parties to move the issue forward.


“We will seek to bring supportive MPs together through a cross-party working group similar to the one successfully moving the issue forward in the NSW parliament.”


“We will also be working with supporters within the Coalition to map a path towards a conscience vote, and to lobby newly-elected Coalition MPs who have yet to declare their position.”


You can show your support for Marriage Equality in Australia by joining the Marriage Equality Group via this website or on your GTG app.

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