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Israel Announces $US2.7 Million Plan To Advance LGBT Equality

The Israeli government announced Wednesday a nearly $3 million plan to promote equality for the country’s LGBT community.

The plan was approved as part of the 2017-18 budget, and will be divided among the Social Equality, Welfare and Education ministries.

Under the new initiative, the Social Equality ministry will receive $660,000 to create a campaign aimed at combating discrimination, the Welfare ministry will be allotted $400,000 to construct LGBT centers nationwide and the Education ministry will be granted $1.3 million to formulate activities that promote tolerance.

The remainder of the funds will be evenly distributed among various LGBT organizations throughout the country. Some money will also be set aside for the Sheba Medical Center, which oversees a majority of Israel’s gender confirmation surgeries.

“There is no doubt that this is a significant milestone for the gay community in its efforts to achieve equality in Israel,” Aguda Israeli National LGBT Task Force Executive Director Ohad Hizki said. “This is the beginning of a truly good year.”

The move comes at the end of a summer that saw both triumphant moments for the LGBT community (such as the great successes of Tel Aviv Pride and a movement to bring Israeli soldiers and LGBT families together for the High Holy Days) and moments of blatant homophobia (like these religious protests over a gay singer’s performance and the military’s inclusion of LGBT soldiers.)

Hopefully, this new allocation of funds will only help to push Israel toward full acceptance of its LGBT citizens.

h/t: Jewish News Service


What are YOU doing for the Big Gay Weekend?

Mardi Gras has been planning a huge weekend of activities with some of Sydney's event promoters and venues and from the reclaiming of Oxford Street on Friday night, to dance parties all weekend long, for all parts of our community.

We thought we would check in with some of Sydney's most fabulous identities to find out what they were going to be up to on the BIG GAY WEEKEND! you can also click on the links in this article to check out groups, venue listings and reviews pages! So check them out!


For BGW I’ll be doing a few gigs, dancing a few jigs and getting amongst it. I think reclaiming the street is a brilliant idea. It’s time we (safely) reminded those who choose to frequent the strip that it’s pink turf, and always will be! ;-)

On the Friday night I’ll be spinning at the super-cool Colombian, which will include live performances by the super-funky Michael Wheatley. Saturday night I’ll be having an early night (well, early for me), then up Sunday morning and heading to the ever-rocking Daywash, to play a charging set of big room vocal house. Absolutely cannot wait!"

Costume Designer / Performer

Well my sweets unfortunately I won't be here for Big Gay Weekend!!! At the Midnight Shift Christmas Party at Easter myself Tora Hymen, Penny Tration and 2 of our girlfriends decided to go on a cruise to the Caribbean for both the"girls" birthdays. Now silly me didn't check the dates and low and behold it is "Sleaze" / Big Gay weekend" How silly was I?
Even though I am going away I have been very busy with 3 new shows for the Midnight Shift including Controversy/ Tora Hymens new Cher show and Natasha Knowles new show opening on the Sunday night featuring Paulini!
I am also doing costumes for Glitter Ball and Homosexual which I know will be amazing. The ideas that I have heard from Dallas, Kitty and Decoda will be amazing as will be the shows!!
And of course the new LUNCHBOX (Luna Park), I am certainly very involved and I must admit very sad I am missing the opening party! But there will be a lot of surprises that I will be involved with and I am excited to see all the photos/ video's of what I know will be a party to end all party's!! Trust me you will not be disappointed!
All in all I think this is an exciting weekend to be in Sydney and even though I know I will be having fun I wish I had of looked at dates properly LOL!
Happy Big Gay weekend to all and please be Safe!!
Love Mamashirl xxxx


I am really pleased to be returning to the decks at the DAYWASH party on the Sunday. I loved the last event - which was my first time. The crowd welcomed me with open arms, and a packed dance floor, so I couldn't ask for more!
Its going to be a huge event, so I will get to hang with my boys during and after my set. I will be playing a killer Daywash exclusive for you all so see you there! On the Friday night, I will probably head off to Oxford Street, after finishing my set at Vanilla Room in Leichardt. But Daywash is where its at! Come and say hi!


For starters, every weekend of my life is BIG & GAY, so,  for the October long BIG GAY WEEKEND, on top of my usual weekly residencies at Arq, Nevermind, Stonewall, The Civic & The Bank, I am looking forward the DJ'ing & Performing at THE GLITTER BALL fancy dress party on the Saturday night, and then spinning for Homesexual:WHITE on Sunday night! On top of a spectacular production show starring Dallas Dellaforce, Decoda Secret and myself, we will be experiencing the magic of Ru Pauls Drag Race favored contestant NINA FLOWERS when she bursts her LOCA bombs at The Glitter Ball! Shine on you gay little diamonds...See you on the dancefloor! Love Kitty


I’m really looking forward to Big Gay Weekend... It’s going to be great to see so many venues participate in what will truly be (in my opinion) a very successful event. This event will bring the community and venue operators closer together... Pretty much like what the scene was around 20 years ago when Oxford St was truly gay and when Mardi Gras was at its’ peak.
I’ll be playing at Homesexual White party. I’m looking forward to playing, especially as it is the long weekend, which usually sets the pace for clubbing and dance parties for the summer season!
When not working, I will be no doubt be doing the day clubs and having a boogie with my sisters and brothers!


I'm actually doing a show at the Basement on OCT 1 (nothing to do with the BGW tho), my ARETHA FRANKLIN EXPERIENCE show. I may even do a surprise appearance at a few of the dance parties on Big Gay Weekend - you just never know! There are some very cool things in the pipeline - I recommend you get to as many events you can! Its going to be a blast.

Let us know what you will be up to on Sydney' BIG GAY WEEKEND in the comments section below!

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