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Sydney to hold another Same Sex Marriage Rally

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CAAH has announced it will hold yet another Same Sex Marriage rally in Sydney on March 20th at 1pm outside Twon Hall. Ironically the location of which the Gay Rainbow flag has been flying high over the Mardi Gras period. (Editors Note: City Of Sydney is a staunch supporter of the GLBTI community).

Rallies have been held across Australia and this one will add to the support for our community who are seeking equal rights.

CAAH spokesperson, Tracie O'Keefe, states “After decades of campaigning to get rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and sex and gender diverse people, it is both sad and appalling that as we approach 2010, we are still denied the right to marry and to have our relationships formally recognised. We are thrilled to support CAAH’s year-long campaign to secure marriage rights for all... All Australians are entitled to equality before the law regardless of their sex, gender or sexuality, including the right to marry who they wish”

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