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Adam Lambert launches foundation for LGBTQIA+ people.

Musician, actor and activist Adam Lambert has launched the Feel Something Foundation (FSF), with the mission to support LGBTQ+ organisations that are moving the needle for communities of all ages and backgrounds.

Founded by Adam in late 2019, the Feel Something Foundation is the result of a career traveling the world, meeting global members of the community, hearing their stories and witnessing first-hand the difficulties LGBTQ+ people continue to face in all areas of life. Having spent time throughout his career engaging in LGBTQ+ activism and as a member of the community himself, the foundation sees Adam’s philanthropy institutionalised into an organisation with the aim to truly make a difference. With the vision to see LGBTQ+ communities of all ages and backgrounds enjoy full human rights within a fully-inclusive society, FSF first aims to ensure support is given to the myriad of issues that continue to disproportionately affect them. This will be achieved through working with charities that have a mission or project directly focussed on impacting the LGBTQ+ community in areas of Education & the Arts; Homelessness; Suicide Prevention & Mental Health. The Feel Something Foundation wants to abolish “coming out” as a term used to define someone simply being themselves.

FSF will build its revenue through the personal charitable contributions of its founder, directors and with public funds raised through fundraising and awareness campaigns, events and initiatives. The first fundraiser will be initiated in the coming weeks with an online clothing auction of some of Adam’s best looks. Initial charities will be chosen based on those Adam has worked with previously and that stand for the positive, progressive messages of the Feel Something Foundation in supporting and empowering LGBTQ+ communities.


Adam Lambert For Mardi Gras?

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American Idol superstar Adam Lambert will be jetting into Sydney a few days before the Mardi Gras Party for a promotional tour to flog his new and fabulous album "For your Entertainment". Released March 5. can exclusively reveal that the promo tour, will encompass lots of iconic Sydney stops… as for Mardi Gras party itself - Sony Music's publicist is not confirming or denying. "Adam will be in Sydney over that weekend, but we cannot confirm any particular performances or appearances at this stage."

Mardi Gras of course still has its policy of not commenting or conforming on any of the shows prior to the event - but to get an overview of what they have in plan, check out our Show Secrets story here.

Irregardless of where Adam may or may not appear, you can be sure will be there… our Adam Lambert plans are to DIE FOR! So stay tuned… better still subscribe to our podcast on iTunes to be in on the fun!

Adam's album has been well received by fans and critics alike worldwide for its punk glam rock pop edge and stylish delivery of quality sounds- and no wonder, the album has production credits out the waazoo… including P!NK, Max Martin, Lady GaGa, Muse, Linda Perry, Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) and Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) and so many more.

“I feel so lucky to have been granted true opportunity to work with some of the top producers and writers in popular music,” Says Adam. “This album is a reflection of their genius and the collaborative energy that they were gracious enough to share with me.”

Adam himself has been fully involved in the albums construction and delivery - including writing the fabulous Pick U Up, Strut and Broken Open.

No matter what, party appearance or not - wether it be on stage or in the crowd, Adam Lambert will definitely be adding some star power to the Mardi Gras Party weekend!

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