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Bea Arthur Leaves GLBTI Organisation over $300k

Bea Arthur, perhaps best known for her role as Dorothy Zbornak on the popular television series Golden Girls, was also a staunch advocate for LGBT youth. During her life, she participated in many fundraisers for the Ali Forney Center, a New York City-based organization that provides emergency and transitional housing for LGBT youth as well as health and educational services. Arthur even had her own official Ali Forney Center email address.

Now, after her death, Arthur is still giving to AFC in the form of $300, 000, which she bequeathed to the center in her will. AFC will be putting the money towards a new transitional residence that will house twelve LGBT youth and be named in Arthur’s honor.

Executive Director Carl Siciliano spoke on behalf of the organization:

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude that Bea saw that LGBT youth deserve as much love and support as any other young person, and that she placed so much value in the work we do to protect them, and to help them rebuild their lives.”

Pictured: Bea with Ali

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