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Some "GAY" license plates cause a stir in USA State of Florida

Certain words are banned from Florida license plates, but a number of plates with “GAY” on them are being given to drivers across Orange County.

Local driver Craig Lukas bought a new Volvo with his partner at a Winter Park dealership three weeks ago, but has left it in his garage because of what it says on his license plate.

“Plenty of combinations out there the state could have used,” Lukas said. “Oversight on state as far as I'm concerned.”
Lukas believes the plate is slightly offensive and said state officials should be more sensitive.
Lukas said the dealership tried to get his car another one, but that every plate they had had the word “GAY” on it.
The dealership said as soon as it realized what the plates said, that it returned them to the county.
The Tax Collectors Office released a statement saying, “These plates have been vetted by the state and we see no issue with them.”
The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles said the plates run from “GAYA01” to “GAYW35” and if a customer is unhappy they can exchange the plates.
Lukas said he plans to exchange his plate.

We know pleanty of folks who would LOVE to have the plates!

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