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Tunisian Justice Minister Seeks Repeal of Same-Sex Ban

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Tunisian Justice Minister Mohamed Salah Ben Aissa is taking a stance against the country’s longstanding ban on gay sex.
On September 6, the jailing of a 22-year-old student after his same-sex relationship was revealed with a murder victim (which he was found to be not involved with) led many human-rights activist groups to rise up in retaliation of the one-year sentence and his mistreatment while in custody. According to recent reports, the Human Rights Watch’s deputy Middle East and North Africa director Eric Goldstein said: “The Tunisian government should not be prosecuting people for private and consensual sexual acts.”

The idea of the Tunisian government becoming a regional leader, as they have so aspired to be, is being tested as they continue to enforce the country’s anti-sodomy law. In reaction to the outcries across the country and continent Justice Minister Mohamed Salah Ben Aissa explained that he is personally in favor of dismissing the law expressing that people’s private live should be free from infringement. The future of Tunisian’s human rights may well rest in the hands of this Justice.
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