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New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade to Allow Irish LGBT Group to March for the First Time

The St. Patrick’s Day committee has agreed to allow an Irish LGBT group to march in New York City’s 2016 parade while carrying a banner after a vote to grant Lavender and Green Alliance, an LGBT Irish group from Queens, NY, a permit. 
Allowing the group to march marks the first time in an Irish LGBT group is able to openly march. The committee, last year, decided to end the ban on parade participants from marching as openly gay under a banner, when they allowed Out@NBCUniversal to march. But, this will  be the city’s first gay Irish group participating and a signal that more LGBT groups will be allowed to participate this year.

The group’s cofounder Brendan Fay said: “We have been on a long and winding road to equality, a road marked by painful exclusion and years of protests and arrests. With this decision, we are transformed from cultural outsiders to insiders who can share in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a vital expression of our heritage and culture.”

In recent years, the parade’s organizers have come under heavy fire from politicians from both the United States and Ireland as well as lost sponsorships.

Last year, Outvets became the first LGBT group to march in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day after a two-decade ban.
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