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African nation, Malawi to hold free vote on SSM and homosexuality.

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Malawai will hold a national referendum on same-sex marriage and legalizing homosexuality, according to President Peter Mutharika.

The country, in the south of Africa, continues to persecute gays under antiquated colonial-era sodomy laws. Even though it has come to the forefront of popular culture thanks to pop queen's Madonna's adoption of some of its children as her own. 

Men, if caught, can face up to 14 years in prison.

“On the issue of gay marriages, again I have said in our [Democratic Progressive Party] manifesto that we will leave that to the people,” the president told the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

Many gay rights activists around the world are concerned that a vote on fundamental human rights raises major ethical questions—especially in a country known for extreme homophobia.

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